Not For Sale Freedom Tour - Spring 2011

December 12, 2010 at 6:32pm

The Museum is excited to announce "The Not For Sale Freedom Tour" coming Spring of 2011!


We couldn’t be more thrilled of what the tour is for..  More than just an entertaining night, more than a concert, this is truly a cause… it's a mission for us as a band...


 We've partnered with Not For Sale Campaign because we believe that we can fight human trafficking and put an end to slavery in our lifetime!


Not For Sale ( ) is a campaign of justice seekers united to fight global slave trade and put an end to human trafficking.  We believe that EVERYONE has a skill or resource to contribute to bring freedom to those in desperate need.  The NFS Freedom Tour will help present you with ways to bring those skills and resources to action!


Human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry that’s tragically been discovered in over 160 different countries across the world.  It’s affecting nearly 30 million lives, which is more than the peak of the trans-atlantic slave trade….  The countless stories we’ve heard of trafficking taking place in our country is truly sickening.   For The Museum, we’ve seen it become a deadly reality growing in our hometown of Atlanta to the point where it’s commonly referred to as the number 1 city in America for sex trade.  


From the beginning of our ministry as a band,  we've held onto a strong belief that the local church is the hope of the world.  If human trafficking is to ever end, the church has to stand up and be the ones to lead the charge in making a difference.... because of this belief, we're hitting the road and taking this tour to the local church.  We hope the "Not For Sale Freedom Tour" can help inspire us all to get outside the walls of the church and fight for those who are enslaved.


The tour is now booking for Late Winter & Spring 2011 beginning in mid-February.  

There are currently dates in Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas & Colorado with additions planned to be announced  in Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri & more.  We'd be honored to partner with your local church, school or event for this special evening.


The night will include videos and presentations from the team at Not For Sale Campaign along with a concert set from The Museum debuting the forthcoming new single "Not For Sale."   You'll have the chance to see the reality firsthand of how slavery is affecting our world today and how you can respond to make a difference... then we'll come back and close the night out party style with a concert set from our Label Mates at BEC Recordings "Rapture Ruckus." 


If you have yet to hear of Rapture Ruckus, you're in for a treat!  They're a pop rock / hip hop trio all the way from New Zealand.  They've made their way over to the USA and are quickly gaining fans and friends from their energetic live show and heart to serve the church.


It would truly be an honor for us all to come share our passion for this issue of social justice.  We'd love to come to your home town, church or school.  The hope of this tour is to serve your church or organization, therefore we've made every effort to make the tour affordable at nearly any budget  as well as to bring Full Lighting and Sound Production!  


We've also set up a Booking & Resource Website for Promoters - you can check it out at



Please help us spread the word and bring the Not For Sale Freedom tour to your hometown!  


Contact or 888.263.4788 to book the tour today!





Not For Sale Freedom Tour - Now Booking!Not For Sale Freedom Tour - Now Booking!



Not For Sale Global Forum on Human Trafficking - Yorba Linda, CANot For Sale Global Forum on Human Trafficking - Yorba Linda, CA


San Antonio, TX ShowSan Antonio, TX Show

The Museum with John Carson from Not For Sale.The Museum with John Carson from Not For Sale.