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April 28, 2010 at 10:38pm
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Borders by Matt Sedillo

Earth Tones and Cloud People 2: A Fable Dedicated to my Apache by LisaRose Blanchette

OH PRAISE (Sacred Marriage) by Alma Luz Villanueva

Three Haikus by LisaRose Blanchette

what the day brings and the night finishes by Kristopher Barney

Las Uvas de la Ira by Will Auther (2009)

Awake by Lily Nicole RoseHill

Lamento by Vto Tribuzio

Roaming Free by Manuel Lozano

This Tree by Ricky A. Pursley

"Hummingbird Medicine" by Devreaux Baker

Oh, My Country by LisaRose Blanchette

April Eyes Forget Me Not My Tears by Kathleen Weber

The United States / Mexican Wall by Nadine Rihani

BREAKING NEWS! Mexican Food Now Banned in Arizona!

La libélula - tres kaikus con petróleo del Golfo de México por Justin Rosas Garrido

Tomorrow (or the Day of Action) by Andrea Hernández Holm



Somethin Borrowed by Daniel Sosa

Quiero... por RaKel Delgado

Cálmate 2 by Ricky A. Pursley

Arizona Goddam! by Asili Press Inc.Joseph McNair

Learning Cherokee by Linda Rodriguez

Arizona Revisited by Keith Wilson

Yolotl Xoxoctic Tlalticpac~Green Heart On The Earth by Diana L.-joe

Chameloid by LisaRose Blanchette

actions & perceptions Arizona & USA by Scott Maurer

Osama bin Laden supports Arizona Governor Jan Brewer & Senator John McCain by Scott Maurer

poem 8 - wounds by Odilia Galván Rodríguez

Morning Commute by LisaRose Blanchette

Echo of love by Stephanie J Little Wolf

GUILTY by RaKel Delgado

Poem for the people 2 by Stephanie J Little Wolf

Three-Ten to Tule (Mixtek, Spanish, English) by Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas

La Danza por Angelo J. Sandoval

They’re Taking Our Jobs by Tatiana Ormaza and Juliana Hu Pegues

You Never Die before the Day by Kathleen Weber

The New Colossus by Cathy Belliveau

Foresake the Hate by Cherie Lynae Cabrera

Empty Words by Luis Jiménez

Can you hear Iran North Korea Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq Yemen all shouting LOVE LOVE LOVE Pearce Brewer McCain!!! by Scott Maurer

SB1070 by Keith Wilson

Pain (for my ancestors) by Cathy Belliveau

Carta a América / Letter to America by Francisco X. Alarcón

Pesadilla Americana por Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas

Most Interesting of American Birds by Asili Press Inc. Joseph McNair

Somos los que estamos por Ivan Torres

Thermal-Nuclear Dog by Botched Resignation

Llegar por Jocelyn Blake

As The Crow Flies Southward by Anita Treesong-Cole

Arizona the police state and this red wind that blasts through my ears by Kristopher Barney

My Child by Cathy Bellivea

For Shame, AZ Legislators by Lisa Bowden

N+7ing the Declaration of Independence, for Arizona by Lisa Bowden

Arizona White Nihilismus by Jonathan Moore

Breathing Undocumented by Lisa Bowden

Mourning Doves by Ricky A. Pursle

O Freedom O by Frank Parker

Ruben Salazar by Daniel Sosa

Desterrado by Stay True

The Ghost Dance by Hedy Trevino

Another Broken Wing by Manuel Lozan

In Memoriam for My Brother Gilberto by Rosa Escamilla

Destinies by Odilia Galvan Rodriguez

Stupid Arizona by Donaldo Urioste

This Land/Red Rover by Cathy Belliveau

Invocación al Sol by Maria Del Carmen Cifuentes

Blood Love, Blood Lines by Jeanette Iskat

Mama Carmela by Elena Díaz Bjorkquist

My Land Mi Tierra by Christopher Carmona

Waters Awakening by More Rosales

Ice is Really NiCe by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

Re-Kanto of 'Strange Fruta' By MamaCoatl' Re-drawn by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

What do you know? by Jeanette Iskat

Strange Fruta by Mamacoatl Chantiko

The Women Weep/Las Mujeres Lloran by Felicia Montes

RE-Kanto of "SB 1070 by Dahnielito Alvares Roblez" by Israel F. Haros Lopez

Ni de Aquí Ni de Allá Tonatzin Tonantiuh by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

Soy Ilegal by S. J. Rivera

Trampa - cuento alegórico de Paul Jr Paniagua

Hierbaloca: The Children of Aztlán by Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano

SB 1070 by Dahnielito Alvares Roblez

"border blues and reds" by israel francisco haros lopez

I Hear You Orphan by Kristy Lovich

Jessie Reyes: There will be an angel

When We Are Reduced by Meg Withers

Scavenger Dreams by Jeanette Iskat

Mijo, you must be reading that wrong by Jeanette Iskat

Ojos que no ven corazon que no siente by Jeannete Iskat

This Moment by Ricky A. Pursley

Portrait of a Missing Platform Worker (April 2010) by Lauro Vazquez

SB1070 Poem by Matt Sedillo

Whale Songs by Francisco X. Alarcón

We Hear The Whales Singing by Arturo Venegas, Sacramento Police Chief (retired)

To My Father Juan, Who Thought There Was a War to End All Wars by Carmen Calatayud

Ill Eagle... cries in the sky by Dan Sosa

On Family, Choices and Stockholm Syndrome by Andrea Serrano

brƏse(Ə)rō by Rachelle Linda Escamilla

Song for my Son by Rosa Escamilla

Stormy Weather by Joseph McNair-Asili Press Inc

Yo Soy Café por Veronica McCoy

Surprise by Ricky A. Pursley

Sweet Corn Tamales by Dan Robles / UC Davis

Profile - A response to Arizona's HB 1070 by Andrew Rihn

SOUTH | WESTERN by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Border Standard Time by J-something R-something Sherman

Like Old Rags by Greta Pullen

a bridge by miss courtney

Lamentation by Jaimie Dunn

untitled by a. reed

Unite! by Ricky A. Pursley

Diaspora - by Meg Withers

Gloria, Lalo y Phil (Remembering 2004) by Joe Navarro

Los Suns de Phoenix by James O. Michael

Whale Songs by Francisco X. Alarcón

Los Escritores del Sol by Phil Goldvarg (1934-2004)

Foreign by Gabriella Gutiérrez Muhs

Commitment Otra Vez by Carmen Calatayud

Chook Son, Arizona

End of An Affair by Cathy Arellano

Warriors Rising on May 12, Tucson by Andrea Hernandez Holm

Say/Mean/Think by Miguel Morales

Your Whispers by Ricky A. Pursley

Awaiting an Appropriate Provocation by Joseph McNair; from Asili Press Inc.

I had to vent by Stay True

Wilderness of Hope by Yasmeen Najmi

The Dead Speak by Jessie Reyes; and an excerpt on silence

Taken by Elizabeth Rios

I Still Love You by Tre Natro

Since Time Immemorial by Hedy Trevino

Qué pinche by Alma Luz Villanueva

Wolf and Spider House by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

Always the lines by Jeanette Iskat

Share the Love Not the Hate by Angelo J. Sandoval

Invisible desconocido por Rakel Delgado

Movimiento por Nancy Green

Wedder by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

"wind’s breath: hippie exodus" by antoinette nora claypoole

Where We Come From" by Rajasvini Bhansali

Quieres Saber Que Se Siente/Do You Want To know How It Feels? SB-1070" by Diana Joe

do I look illegal? by Xuan Carlos Espinoza Cuellar

** hermano ** by Sarah Menefee

Your Most Precious Friend by Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas

Before the World Wakes by Elena Bjorkquis

Nora by Susmita Paul

Teachers Line up at the Tattoo Parlor by Catriona Rueda Esquibe

Madre, Pachamama, Mé, Mamá, Mom... Mother by Abel Salas

Para mi Mamá que está en el cielo en el Día de las Madres.... by Frankie Barrera

Las manos de mi madre por Alfredo Espino

Mother's Day by Miguel M. Mora

Outside--A poem written in response to growing up in the shadow of immigration by Celina Martinez

IN LAK' ECH - Poem in Response to SB 1070 By Juan Tejeda

Por Favor, Escúchame by Carmen Calatayud

Poem A Week #1 (edited, revised and hopeful final draft) by Ela Barton

Broken Word Generation -Tactical Poem by Elazar Larry Freifeld

Arizona Dream Shoes by Sonia Gutiérrez

neighborhood watch by Aaron Ambrose

landscape of sb 1070 by Lauro Vazquez

Questions on Behalf of Those Questioned (as if we are not all human) by Meg Withers

Visiting the Dead by Meg Withers


Spangleesh Sin Barreras by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

love in the time of obama love bombs parte teolol love bomb number 01010.018309182 by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

Suspect by Mary Oishi

El Poder de la Palabra / The Power of the Word: Towards a Nahuatl / Mestizo Consciousness and Empowerment trough Poetry by Francisco X. Alarcón

Herida Cerrando by Israel Francisco Haros López

Stalking The Divine Under A Desert Full Moon by Pam Uschuk

Getting Out of the Box by Nancy Green

If Arizona's Iced Tea, I'll Drink Coffee by Francis Scudellar

Owed to Neruda's Saddest Lines; Love of Our Times by Karina Oliva

Mother's Day by Miguel M. Morales

OH MY AMERICA - address to the people and poets of America" by Elazar Larry Freifeld

The mechanics of SB1070. by Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas

An American Dream, and the Interpretation by Makalani Bandele

The Good Samaritan Moves to Arizona by Mark Equality Clinton

Fealty by JoAnn Anglin

Everyone’s invited by Eugene Charron

El Corrido de Arizona por Xico González

A NYC Community College Approves Course Document Change While Arizona Burns - Poem by Marguerite Maria Rivas

The Country They Know by Richard Oyama

Immigrant Survivor by Rosa Escamilla

we are the soothsayers by Gurdjief Steiner

And we wrote poetry by Hedy Trevino

And Here is My Poem by Gurdjief Steiner

so if you want to build a wall by Adan Baca

this is not a nation of immigrants by Adan Baca

But we just got here... by Mary Ellen Sanger

Two Women, Two Children, Two Cops by Suzanne White

Blood Tie by Steve Sexton

A Poem to Arizona: Same. Betrayal. 1070" by V Lazaro Zmora

White: Not Hispanic or Latino (a reaction to Arizona SB1070) by April Flowers

Paul the Protester—For the Berkeley Students Hunger Striking in Response to SB1070— by Joseph Rios

afterglow park by antoinette nora claypoole

Fiery Wombs by Alma Luz Villanueva

Canción Chicana (Response to SB 1070) by Alan Chazaro

¡Ya Basta! por Mar Sánchez

¡Alza un puño! by Armando Rendon

Shadow Memories de Arizona by Anthony Navarrete

Variations on Brown by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish--response to SB1070

Notes On A Brown Brother's Mural by Robert Lashley

I ain't no romantic by Jovita Hernandez

border zebrazzz by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez


snake song : love in the time of obama parte teolol by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

Roses Are Red by Bryan Butrum

A response before and after 1070 by Diego Panasiti

Poets Responding to SB 1070: Holocaust, prop 187, HR4437, Secure Border Initiative: SB1070 by Gina Roman

The Immigrant by Alan, 3rd grade

Nueve by Ricardo Nazario-Colón

A Mexican Corona In Arizona's Court by Joseph A. W. Quintela

Birthright by Poohweimystic's Poetry

The Ways of the West by Maritza Rivera Cohen

Pajaros en Bloom ( in response to SB1070 ) by Griselda Iztacoatzin

Spirit Birds by Devreaux Baker

Quetzalcoatl’s Return by Ricardo Nazario-Colón

SIREN by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand

notes from the in-between by Odilia Galván Rodríguez

Poem for the People by Stephanie J Little Wolf

Poets Responding to SB 1070: a poem by Isabel Campoy

Poets Responding to SB 1070: Poets Responding to SB 1070: poem by Hector Luis Rivera

Poets by Gilbert Magu Lujan

Things I've Learned from Immigrants by Bobbi Dykema

Todos Somos Arizona” (Corrido del 1070) by Nephtalí

<b>The Anthem of the Indivisible 49 by By Ravi Chandra</b>

<b>"Cinco de Mayo" by Francisco X. Alarcón</b>

<b>May 1st by Stay True<b>

<b>American Enough by Christie Lynn Daniels</b>

<b>We by Hedy Trevino</b>

<b>sb gwateverz by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>El Disque Sueno Americano by Edgar Gonzalez</b>

<b>Haikus by Nicole C. Limón</b>

<b>Nobody by Julia Stein</b>

<b>..AMERICA.. by Jose Calvo</b>

<b>Immigrants by Gerardo Montaño</b>

<b>Don't Gotta by Mary Krane Derr</b>

<b>The Revolution of James Lee Jobe by James Lee Jobe</b>

<b>Ancestors by Joe Osejo</b>

<b>Discrimination...rampant by Nancy Green</b>

<b>I See Brown People by Juan Perez</b>

<b>Lengua-legal* by Juan Perez</b>

<b>Are You An American Citizen? by Juan Perez</b>

<b>Day Dreams for Feliz by Yovani Flores</b>

<b>Spring: 2010 by Jessamyn Smyth</b>

<b>Poets Responding to SB 1070: "For The Capitol Nine"–Bilingual poems by
Francisco X. Alarcón</b>

<b>Scott Maurer: Ride-to-Hell a response to “Immigrant soldier reacts to Arizona law” </b>

<b>SB 1070 a poem in response by Niki Escobar</b>

<b>Arizona by Christian Ramirez</b>

<b>Poets Responding to SB 1070 by Fernando Macias</b>

<b>Arizona by Alonso Garcia</b>

<b>I Am A Dreamer by Anonymous</b>

<b>Arizona and Other States by Deborah Russell</b>

<b>El Regreso by Jessie Reyes</b>

<b>Poem For My Mestiza Daughter by Anisa Onofre</b>

<b>May Day 2010 by Aida آیدا Ashouri</b>

<b>olmeca star nation by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>A Challenge by Ricardo Nazario-Colón</b>

<b>"Árida Zona de Zonámbulos Cascabeles" por Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas</b>

<b>wetbacks by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>Diviner by Ricardo Nazario-Colón</b>

<b>"Una gringa llamada Arizona" por Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas</b>

<b>Illegals in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, 1996 by Margit Berman</b>

<b>The Immigrant by Genny Lim</b>

<b>Inner Vision by Nancy Green</b>

<b>My Place by Mariam Muradian</b>

<b>"Arizona Green (Manifesto #1070)" by Juan Felipe Herrera</b>

<b>"Explode On The Border" by Charles Carreon</b>

<b>"I Call Out" by Elena Díaz Bjorkquist</b>

<b>poem as an undocumented college student in the U.S. by Gricelda Alva</b>

<b>"There Was a Time" by Aide Rodriguez Zamudio</b>

<b>"Poet at the Gate of the New Cactus Curtain" by Francisco X. Alarcon</b>

<b>Guthrie (for Kentucky) by Ricardo Nazario-Colón</b>

<b>Por La Raza by Kristy Orona-Ramirez (Tiwa/Raramuri)</b>

<b>Martín Espada Responding to SB 1070</b>

<b>Because We Fear, I Respond to Arizona SB 1070 by Matt Hampton</b>

<b>I HEAR THE COLOR WHITE by Bobbie Ann Laflin</b>

<b>Many Walls - Responding to SB 1070 by Sarah Browning</b>

<b>PESADILLAS GRINGAS [Para Arizona con resentimiento] by Xico González C/S</b>

<b>ghost braids: a mexikanned brochure parte X by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>La Chota by Marco Bravo</b>

<b>PAPERLESS/PAPELES by Maya Chinchilla</b>

<b>border tongues by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>Stay and Fight by Manuel Lozano</b>

<b>THE DANCE HALL BY Elizabeth Marino</b>

<b>"Papers, please" by Andrea Serrano</b>

<b>"Crossing" by Geleni Fontaine</b>

<b>Swayam (Sanskrit for "I beget myself") by Susmita Paul</b>

<b>"The Sick Man" by Jon Bonsall</b>

<b>"Arizona: April 24, 2010" by Ricky A. Pursley</b>

<b>"Thank you, Arizona" by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein</b>

<b>What do you call this Place? OR "Can the enchilada coexist with the hamburger?" by Carlos Cumpian</b>

<b>"The Ledger..." by Roberto A. Diaz</b>

<b>"Echo of Love" by Stephanie J Little Wolf</b>

<b>En Tí Sueña El Tambor (Ekphrastic) by Ricardo Nazario-Colón</b>

<b>"If You Leave Your Shoes" by Joseph Ross</b>

<b>1070 by luri M. Lara</b>

<b>Mónica Teresa Ortiz: deport arizona, not my grandfather</b>

<b>"These Walls" by Janemarie Crider-Razo</b>

<b>"Where We Belong" by Andrea Hernandez Holm</b>

<b>“UR 1070” by Sonia Gutiérrez</b>

<b>Mariposas by Ricardo Nazario-Colón</b>

<b>Show Me The Border to The Sun: Hilton Obenzinger</b>

<b>Bonfire: Devreaux Baker</b>

<b>AZ S.B. 1070 & Immigrant Genes – By Darren Lyman</b>

<b>Arizona (The Hanging Tree) by Ricardo Nazario-Colón</b>

<b> Into the Dark Future by Minal Hajratwala</b>

<b>May Day 2010 by Aida آیدا Ashouri</b>

<b>synergy of hate by antoinette nora claypoole</b>

<b>When the great and powerful America becomes ungrateful by León Perdices</b>

<b>It pulsed in the air" by Tom Sheldon</b>

<b>brown shirt blue jeans black shoes white socks by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>MY WIFE IS MEXICAN by Moe Armstrong</b>

<b>St. Bartholomew's Day by Sara Amis</b>

<b>Alma Luz Villanueva: Breathing While Brown</b>

<b>Bodylines by Adriana Estill</b>

<b>MY PAPERS by Liz Ahl</b>

<b>Instructions for Identifying All Immigrants by J. Michael Martinez</b>

<b>faces not issues by Catriona Rueda Esquibel</b>

<b>poem 28 - bridges v. borders by Odilia Galván Rodríguez</b>

<b>Sandra Posadas: (Spoken word) Watch for your behavior and shoes--experts can identify your criminality!!!!</b>

<b>Freedom by Gary Wagner</b>

<b>MalKeySexoDora by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>Ode To La Que Me Habrio Una Herida: Border Espiritu Rojo Y Negro by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>P R O T E S T A by Betty Sánchez</b>

<b>In Arizona by Scott Hernandez</b>

<b>Israel Francisco Haros: Kon Papeles Sin Papeles Te Amo!</b>

<b>Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes by Gerardo Pacheco</b>

<b>Christy NaMee Eriksen: Napowrimo #28 - What does an illegal immigrant look like?</b>

<b>Nepantla by Odilia Galván Rodríguez</b>

<b>Watch for your behavior and shoes--experts can identify your criminality!!!! by Sandra Posadas</b>

<b>girls and boys, if I may, what day is convenient for you? by Scott Maurer</b>

<b>American Distress by Maria Ochoia</b>

<b>THIS TIME by Shelley Ettinger</b>

<b>Excerpt from "Song for Shenandoah" by Richard Vargas</b>

<b>A MEXICAN FOURTH OF JULY by Charles Carreon</b>

<b>"La regla de los ladrones / The Law of Thieves" by Avotcja</b>

<b>Ode to Arizona - SB 1070 by Kristy Orona-Ramirez (Tiwa/Raramuri)</b>

<b>Born A Suspect by Aztatl Garza</b>

<b>This Is My County by Genny Lim</b>

<b>Soneto XIV / Sonnet XIV by Francisco X. Alarcón</b>

<b>Reasonable Suspicion: The Conqueror's Dream by Devreaux Baker</b>

<b>NAISA (Native American and Indigenous Studies Association) letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer</b>


<b>Immigrants by Camincha Benvenutto</b>

<b>on issues of aliens and immigration by devorah major</b>

<b>Paper Border by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>mexikan credentials by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>SB 1070 ( SB? Sanababiche! lend me your ears ) by Nephtalí De León</b>

<b>Border Ghost of Sonora by Carmen Calatayud</b>

<b>Border Love by Israel Francisco Haros</b>

<b>Arizona Governor Signs Immigration Bill to Allow Racial Profiling by Pam Uschuk</b>

<b>Fear and Guilt: SB 1070 in Arizona by Linda Rodriguez</b>

<b>And now it begins by James Downs</b>

<b>SB 1070 by Juanita Salazar Lamb</b>

<b>Insist and Resist by Manuel Lozano</b>

<b>Message from one of the student of the CAPITOL NINE to Francisco Alarcón</b>

<b>Poem For Raza Studies at Police State University by Michael Medrano</b>

<b>Borderlines by Meg Withers</b>

<b>¡ARIZONA, ME DECEPCIONA! by Xico Gonzalez</b>

<b>FOR THE “CAPITOL NINE” by Francisco X. Alarcón</b>