Call for a Day of solidarity with Syria

October 8, 2012 at 10:39am


People of the World, Support Us like we’ve Always Supported You  For more than a year and a half the Syrian people have been struggling to take their freedom from an oppressive regime that killed tens of thousands, including women, children, and elders, arrested and tortured hundreds of thousands, and forced millions of Syrians to leave their homes and flee their cities, which are being shelled by regime’s army ruthlessly, in what looks like Nazi’s barbarism known for the whole world with its brutality.  Syrians who have always interacted and sympathized with the people of the world subjected to injustice, abuse, and disasters and greeted refugees from all around the world to their lands and homes are now feeling sorry for the lack of sympathy and support from the people of the world towards the Syrian people-their brothers in humanity- who are facing the most brutality possibly committed towards people demanding their righteous right of freedom just like all the people in the world.  Humans’ traditions and habits assure that the conscious solidarity between people and helping the oppressed is the most important thing that characterizes humans from other creatures, which is what Syrians need right now to overcome the hardest test in the modern era.  Syrians have been courageously sacrificing every day for more than a year and a half and they now expect a wide public global movement to support their revolution in fighting a tyrant killer, protecting their right and their children’s of liberal and dignified life, and stopping the continuous criminal violations committed by Assad’s regime.  Therefore we call for the people of the entire world, and civil society organizations to make the 20th of October in 2012 a day in solidarity with the oppressed Syrian people, and converting it to a start point for the launch of a public international campaign to demonstrate in solidarity with the Syrian people, and urge the world public opinion to pressure governments and international institutions to accelerate the proses of making the right decisions to help stopping the killing and toppling the criminal regime in Syria.  People of the World, Support Us like we’ve Always Supported You