Roll's Wrapup 4/25/2012: 100,000 Strong Mail In Japan HQ Campaign

April 25, 2012 at 8:55pm

Mission complete! While new campaigns are on the way, we need to let Capcom Japan know about our accomplishment today.


The best way to break through the cultural barrier is to mail personal postcards to Capcom Japan HQ. All that is required is a post card, 3 Forever Stamps, and a personal message. Capcom Japan has internal translators, so what you write will be understood. Please keep it classy, as we all are representatives of the community.


Below is Capcom Japan's mailing address with a forward to the President. Make sure to print this out if you can not write Japanese.


English address recommended:


Capcom Representative

3-1-3 Uchihirano-machi,

Chuo-ku, Osaka540-0037, Japan



Below is an example of a postcard:



Place your post card in any mail box and you are done. ^^


Mail In is ongoing.


Let's talk again! :) Legends Never Die!