Was the real James Holmes not among the Aurora shooters?

August 5, 2012 at 5:07pm

Was the real James Holmes not among the Aurora shooters?

The only ones saying he was capable was his Jewish psychiatrist.  When someone goes for psychiatric counselling they put themselves in the hands of black-ops information gathering -- Mossad and the CIA.  At best they are informers.  At worst  --  James Holmes is learning about the worst.  Very interesting point about the "booby-trapped" apartment.  I say law enforcement will not do its job unless the public rise up and demand it, holding the inconsistencies and omissions in up to the faces of media and law-enforcement spokesmen.  When has there been a killing like this where news coverage has died away so fast?



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Now here's an idea...What if James Holmes was set up? What if he did not do the shooting but was drugged and placed in the Hyundai in the parking lot after government operatives carried out the attack? What if James Holmes was framed because of what his father was planning to do? No one was able to see James Holmes' face, right? What do you want to bet the kid isn't the shooter? We don't know that it was James Holmes sitting at that computer ordering all that ammo online - and we don' really know that his apartment was booby-trapped.


But if the apartment was booby-trapped in such a sophisticated manner that it would take FBI agents two days to get through it, how is it possible that the kid didn't blow himself up? How could anyone remember where all the trip wires and explosives were placed? How could anyone prevent himself from accidentally bumping or stumbling into something and setting it off?


I have a friend who says that these things are always multi-faceted. Considering that Robert Holmes was going to testify about a huge banking scandal and that the UN has legislation on the table for a global small arms ban, I think this kid was set up! If he is, in fact, mentally ill, that would just make it all the more convenient.


Why, as you point out, aren't the eyewitnesses talking? They've probably been told to keep their mouths shut. Some of those patrons probably bought their tickets with their ATM cards. We need a list of their names to see if they start dying suddenly and unexpectedly.