AMA Author and Speaker Profile: Susan E. Garrison

October 25, 2012 at 10:47am

Susan E. Garrison, CHC, CHCA, PCS, FCS, CCS-P, CPAR, CPC, CPC-H, has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of documentation, coding, billing, litigation support, expert witness services, revenue enhancement, revenue cycle operations, and professional communications.


She is the executive director of the Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators (AHCAE) and the executive vice president of Med Law Advisors, Inc. Susan serves on the AHCAE Board of Directors, is past president of the American Academy of Professional Coders National Advisory Board, and is past chair of the American College of Medical Coding Specialists. She is a nationally acclaimed speaker and has published hundreds of articles and four books, two of which have been published by the AMA.


Susan’s clients include solo practicing physicians, large teaching facilities, free standing ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, national associations, publishers, and more than 100 other leading facilities and affiliated organizations.


Susan’s Thoughts on ICD-10 Training

“There is a great reason to begin [preparing for ICD-10] now. Focus on the code training that you need for ICD-10 as well as those documentation areas where you are currently lacking the skills needed to perform well within the ICD-10-CM system. Believe it or not, by training for and improving those skills you will better your current documentation and coding. For example, if you find that your coding personnel need anatomy and physiology training to transition to the granularity of ICD-10-CM, then they probably need to sharpen those skills to code well within ICD-9-CM and CPT.


Bottom line—by training for ICD-10, your practice immediately benefits regardless of when ICD-10-CM is implemented. Additionally, knowing those few key differences in coding between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM will make the eventual transition that much easier.”

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