UPDATE on AA's search for Jack the Cat - August 31, 6:50PM EST

August 29, 2011 at 11:28am

Update on Jack the Cat - August 31, 6:50PM EST


Our JFK employees continue to diligently search for Jack the Cat.  Unfortunately there are no confirmed sightings of Jack at this time. 


As well as our oneworld alliance partners, we have asked all other airlines at JFK to join us in the search for Jack.




Update on Jack the Cat - August 30, 7:06PM EST


  •   Karen (Jack’s owner) has accepted our offer to fly her from California to New York to assist with the search and see first-hand our efforts to locate Jack.  We have accommodated Karen’s wish to travel this weekend and will escort her throughout JFK.
  •   Port Authority confirmed no sightings of Jack have been reported from patrols of the airfield.
  •   Daily briefings are occurring to review progress and generate any ideas for locating Jack.
  •  Representatives from the Port Authority of NY, including a Wildlife Management representative, participated in the 8/30 debriefing providing recommendations and offering extended support including extra traps.
  • Contacts with search dog and other animal tracking services have been made and are being evaluated.
  • Extensive CCTV footage in the immediate and surrounding areas are under review.
  • All oneworld alliance airlines, Swiss port, Jet Blue & other airlines have received a flyer with a request for assistance, and we are making a request of all airlines at JFK for the same.
  • American Airlines is conducting a thorough investigation into how Jack escaped. 

We have adopted some of your ideas into our search plan and thank the community for your ongoing support for Jack during this period.  We understand that a cat is a loved family member for so many, including many of our own employees, and we are doing our utmost to find Jack.


Update on Jack the Cat - August 29, 2:28PM EST


We repeat our apologies for the upset caused by this situation, and wanted to share an update in our efforts to find Jack:

  • American has offered Jack’s owner, Karen, a flight to New York to personally visit the JFK operation and help assist with search efforts.
  • American has consulted with the Mayor’s Alliance Society for NYC to set up Have-A-Heart humane traps that are being placed throughout the area.
  • Food and water has been placed around the operation since Thursday. 
  • If Jack feels comfortable returning to his kennel, we have placed food and water inside as well.
  • Employees, including the American Airlines Managing Director in JFK, have walked the entire operation in search.
  • All airside equipment, such as bag carts are being inspected.
  • The Port Authority of New York has been contacted with information and posters.  They are fully cooperating in the search and distributing posters to other businesses on the airport property.
  • AA has placed posters in employee break-rooms, on the ramp, and throughout our JFK facility.
  • An alert is being placed on electronic bulletin boards visible to all employees from all departments.
  •  “Vet Port” has been alerted and is supporting the effort.  Vet Port is a veterinary service used by airlines and business local to the airport property where a lost pet would be turned in.
  • Access from the airside ramp area leading into the terminal building are being inspected and monitored.

We will continue searching, and as soon as we have any more information, we will share it with the community.