Worth a read if you're a spoonie! How to Be Positive While Being REAL! (And to heck with the naysayers....)

December 3, 2010 at 9:42am

So many people lately have commented to me about how positive I am. But there is no "trick" to it - *you all can be "positive," too!*


Just takes a conscious effort and a small attitude adjustment! :)


Start by journaling your feelings good and bad, seeing the good in others & in every situation, not partaking in negative conversations or being in negative/anxiety-inducing atmospheres, remembering what you're grateful for, reducing stress, accepting your condition and accepting that others may not understand it, etc. It all boils down to not "dwelling" and just "accepting" what is but ALSO remembering to be real and honest about your feelings!!




....But DON'T FAKE it when you aren't feeling it - it'll def make you feel worse (feelings of guilt and shame, frustrations - 'why can't I be happy' - etc.) Be truthful with yourself. Allow negative and sad feelings but don't let them consume you, and don't let your illness or disability define you. Loving yourself as you are will shine through and bring about a more positive energy to you. Just be REAL and do YOU! I'm not happy and positive every single day but EVEN on those days I still realize how lucky and blessed that I am...even if I'm in dire physical pain and even if I got nothing accomplished or I spent time crying about the frustrations or mourning my healthier self - the GOOD things, for me, always rise ABOVE all of that!


Find something to believe in and hobbies or interests to focus on. Laugh. DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Just be the best version of YOU that you are able to be! Have some form of faith even if it isn't religious.



Also, remember this little ditty that I wrote today:


"I'm not a "sicky", I'm a spoonie.. I'm not a sufferer, I'm a survivor. I'm not unlucky, I am blessed. I'm not a "cripple" & I am NOT dead." 


Even when others don't realize it, *I* realize that I'm "worth it" and that I'm a great friend, girlfriend, and person in general DESPITE my illnesses. Going through what I have has made me a more compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, respectful, caring, mature, patient, and STRONG person. I'm POSITIVE of that. I'm also POSITIVE that I am NOT my sicknesses and I feel sorry for anyone who views me in ANY type of negative light because of them. I snicker at anyone who would think that I'm a burden or that I don't deserve the good things that come my way because of my conditions, I feel bad for people who don't grasp the seriousness living with chronic illness. I truly feel sorry for anyone who wouldn't take the time to get to know me or maintain a friendship with me because of my health.


I'm worth it and THEN some! You should all view yourselves in the same way because YOU ARE TOO! ... And for those who are selfish or judgmental or just ignorant and clueless - send them some positive vibes, forgive, and move on. Don't let negativity be the crack that you fall into while walking on your path to wellness and optimal health!! Do not let others or their perceptions bring you down <3


And last but not least: SMILE. It'll do ya some good :)



* Footnote: for those who don't know, the definition of a spoonie, as mentioned above:

" A spoonie: A person living with chronic illness, that identifies with Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory. (Google it.)    Spoonies are people that live with chronic illness; theoretically measuring personal daily abilities much as one would measure the proper amount of spoons needed for an event or occasion... sometimes having an abundance, other times coming up short."