Participate online to support: People's Tribunal on Minimum Living Wages for Cambodian Garment Workers- 5-8 Feb 2012

January 9, 2012 at 1:23am

Dear all

Warm greetings from   Asia Floor Wage Cambodia  and Asia Floor Wage Alliance.


We wish to inform you that the upcoming People"s Tribunal of Asia Floor Wage Alliance will be held in Cambodia. The national PT of Cambodia is organised by the Asia Floor   Wage Cambodia., in partnership with Asia Floor Wage Alliance.


This is the  second  national People's Tribunal  that was  organised by AFWA's members in Sri Lanka <the last March 2011>.


Renown International Judges from Permanence Peoples Tribunal together with the known figures in Cambodia will lead the PT.


We will be uploading all the proceeding into you tube online on the day of proceeding.

Therefore, you may follow the trial via the online documentation from 5-6 and 8 Feb 2012


The Trial will start from  5-6 Feb and 8  Feb will be the verdict announcement by the judges.


Please stay with us via:


'We will upload all the latest information via this FB page and AFWC blog



Here is the detail of the PT:

People’s Tribunal on Minimum Living Wages and Decent Working Conditions for Garment Workers as a Fundamental Right, 5-8 February, 2012, Cambodia

Asia Floor Wage Cambodia is a member of the Asia Floor Wage Alliance’s Steering Committee, on behalf of Cambodian garment workers employed in the global garment industry as a fundamental human right of workers.


The Tribunal is being undertaken to pursue a global campaign for an Asia Floor Wage targeting garment manufacturers (garment TNC), suppliers, consumer-importers, garment workers and government officials.  The Cambodian tribunal is second among other national hearings scheduled in upcoming months, and will culminate in an international session being requested at the People’s Permanent Tribunal. The goals of the Tribunal area:


  • Establish the State of Decent Labour Standards, specifically focusing on Women Workers, in the global garment industry including the issue of fair pricing for manufacturers
  • Present the impact of gender as a factor in determining the political economy of the global supply chain
  • Provide leverage for building worker collectivity with bargaining power within the global supply chain and contribute to strengthening grassroots mobilization

·         Contribute to strengthening the conditions of workers, in particular women workers, in the garment global supply chain


The Tribunal will hear the testimonies of garment workers and experts on wage deficits and the Asia Floor Wage. The testimonies will provide cases and arguments towards the following objectives:


1.         Establish whether the Supply Chain of garment industry is conducive for decent labour standards for workers, specifically women workers, using the ILO guidelines;

2.         Determine the magnitude of workers, specifically women workers, in the Garment Global Supply Chain, working and living in conditions that fall far short of Decent Labour Standards;

3.         Analyse the role of gender in determining the state of labour standards;

4.         Investigate the causes of the deficit in terms of:

Adequacy of national regulatory framework

Effectiveness of ILO’s core conventions

Purchasing practices of multinationals

International trade regulatory mechanisms

Political economy of the garment Global Supply Chain

Adequacy of workers’ organizations, especially of women workers; and

5.         Evaluate Proposals for establishing Decent Labour Standards and make Recommendations


Specifically, we petition the Tribunal to provide observations and recommendations on the following issues:

1.         Is there a deficit in Decent Labour Standards in Cambodia’s garment industry?

2.         Is there a wage deficit for basic living standards?

3.         What are the causes of the wage deficit?  Who are responsible?

4.         Can AFW address this wage deficit?

5.         What are the criteria for a wage that is defined as a human right?