ASUS & NVIDIA Gamers' Gathering 2013

January 17, 2013 at 8:30pm

ASUS Malaysia, with its strong dedication towards high performance gaming and the development of eSports proudly presents the ASUS & NVIDIA Gamers' Gathering (ANGG), an event specially tailored for PC gamers in collaboration with NVIDIA. The gathering features Hugo Hsu, Desktop GPU Segment Sale of NVIDIA, Ashley "Summer" Khoo, nation's billboard girl of TM UniFi who is a marketer by profession, gamer by calling as well as Chai "Mushi Yee Fung, regarded as one of the best local DotA/DotA2 player.


In ANGG, Attendees will have the opportunity to interact directly with NVIDIA Representative with regards to its GPU and GTX Technology. ASUS Malaysia also invited Top Gamers, Ashley ‘Summer’ Khoo and Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung to showcase their gaming skills and to offer advice on the capacities of ASUS Motherboard and NVIDIA-based Graphics Card. ANGG is expected to attract over 80 attendees. Attendees can look forward to sumptuous food & beverages, as well as one of a kind personalized ROG|NVIDIA keychain.


ASUS & NVIDIA Gamers' Gathering

At the ASUS & NVIDIA Gamers' Gathering which is to be held at The Arena, Orange Internet Cafe @ Wangsa Maju, Seksyen 2, NVIDIA will demonstrate industry-leading GeForce™ GTX product lines, introduce NVIDIA Software tools for the latest generation desktop graphics platforms. They will also host a variety of presentations designed to educate gamers various new techniques to achieve enhanced visual quality in their gaming experience.


Ashley "Summer" Khoo

Celebrity Gamer

Summer is Malaysia’s very own personality, professional gamer and social media entrepreneur. She is regarded as one of the most decorated local gamer, featured in local print magazines and newspapers such as FHM, Men's Health, CHIP Malaysia, GameAxis as well as New Straits Times and Metro. Summer is a symbol of pride for the Malaysian Gaming Industry.


Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung

Professional DotA Gamer

Mushi, the International DotA gamer with a large pool of followers especially the Philippines was awarded as the Best Top 5 Solo player by GosuAwards 2012 @, which is one of the largest gaming portals today. The teaming with Orange Esports.DotA acted as a catalyst to Mushi’s gaming career as soon after he achieved numerous commendable feats in both local and international arenas such as the WCG Asian Championship, WCG Malaysia Championship and the India Gaming Carnival.


Event Details

Date:              26th January 2013

Time:              1300 - 1700

Venue:           The Arena, Orange Internet Café, Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur (3.203271,101.729256)


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