October 2, 2010 at 8:39pm

PLEASE take the time to read our position paper (short and thorough) here:  Use this information as a springboard for one or more blog posts about babywearing.


We need LOADS AND LOADS of blogs and other press about babywearing benefits, emphasizing not only how safe infant slings are (which is well documented) but also how ESSENTIAL they are to the well being of mothers, babies, and families generally!


Blog about your special babywearing story.  Blog about the public health benefits of babywearing.  Blog about babywearing and PPD.  Blog about babywearing and kangaroo care.  Blog about all of it.


If you're not a blogger, share your story on the BCIA website -- follow the link on the homepage.


If you know a blogger, encourage them to blog!  Ask in your forums, your social network sites.


IF YOU, OR ANYONE YOU KNOW, HAS PR EXPERIENCE OR JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE, we need you on our team!  With as much or as little time as you can contribute!  Email Joanna at metrominis dot com with the subject "OFFERING PR EXPERIENCE" or "OFFERING JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE" in the subject line.


Post a link to your babywearing blog article on our Facebook page. 


Many have asked us about contacting your legislators.  This is not a bad idea at all, however, the BCIA has not taken a position about this at this time.


Secondarily to blogging about babywearing, we need folks to write about the ways in which CPSC is working to control our parenting choices and protect us from things that are not hazards.  Parents are confused with the constant influx of recalls for things that are not risks; they don't know what products they *can* use for their children!


Lastly -- if you or bloggers or media contacts you know would like to be contacted when we release press, email contact at babycarrierindustryalliance dot org with the subject line: "Please add me to your media contacts (enter category here - newspaper, blog, etc.)


Next week is International Babywearing Week -- let's play it 150%!