Rob da Bank's Proms

July 22, 2010 at 8:49am
Throughout this season of live events on BBC Radio 3 we're asking some of our favourite people to let us know what they're really looking forward to at The Proms, WOMAD, London Jazz Festival and Free Thinking.

First up, we caught a few minutes to talk to Bestival organiser, label boss and Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank about the impact classical music has had in his life, and what exactly he'll be enjoying at the BBC Proms 2010.


Rob da Bank
Rob da Bank
I'm definitely not a classical music buff... which is strange as my dad is a complete classical encyclopedia. Growing up we had few other records in the house, and our shiny grand piano was pride of place in the lounge. My dad, sister and brother were always on it tinkling some classical business.

At the time it all left me a little lost and even at 37 I'm still discovering it. I think I'm kind of leaving it until I'm 40 and then I'll stop listening to so much electronic music and tune in to a bit more classical.


Rob recommends...

Sat 24th/Sun 25th July: Proms 10 & 11 - Doctor Who Prom

The Doctor Who prom returns this year with two outings this weekend with Matt Smith, Karen Gillen and Arthur Darville hosting the events at the Royal Albert Hall.

Rob says
A personal connection here as Murray Gold is my best friend's brother. He's a superbly talented young composer and musician who is so deserving of the Doctor Who music job. Also on the programme is Wagner's 'Die Walküre – The Ride of the Valkyries' - it's a piece that really does capture the general heavy atmosphere of mountain scenery and battle cries.

Thurs 2nd September : BBC National Orchestra of Wales

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales come to this year's proms armed with an old favourite Musorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition' as well as performances of work by Canteloube, Rameau and Martin Matalon.

Rob says
Pieces you study at school are often the ones that tend to stick with you and you feel affection towards. Musorgsky's 'Pictures of an Exhibition' was something I studied and I even learnt to play the trombone elements as I was in the school band performing this very piece.