Frederick Zamora wins the 2012 Pozuelo Kitesurf Rumble

June 8, 2012 at 8:37am

Guayama, Puerto Rico-


BEST Team Rider Freddy Zamora wins the 2012 Pozuelo Kitesurf Rumble that was held on May 26. "We had decent waves and plenty of wind for the event. Recently i have been using the 9m TS for almost all of my sessions, this kite definately has plenty of power been one versatile and reliable in most conditions with plenty of depower, i also took out my shortstick or the bullet like a call it cause of its fast manuevering. All in all had a bunch of fun and had a beautiful day here in Puerto Rico," said Freddy.




The kitesurf contest has the objective to unite kitesurfers around the island to perform at their best and give it all they got. This is the second contest for the 2012 wave tour for Puerto Rico organized by the (FKSPR) Federacion de Kite Surf de Puerto Rico as sanctioned by the International Kitesurf Association (IKA). As many as 30 riders gather up for this contest.


Guayama is a small town on the south side of the island were is facing the caribbean and pretty much get to ride almost everyday. Nevertheless people would think there are not that many waves well think again. It Could get 3 to 5 feet on its good days and very steady 18 knots or so and off course very warm!!!!   



Frederick Zamora Amador


Here is a link to some useful tips for kitesurfing from Freddy!