Frederick Zamora wins the 2012 Xplora Splash Fest

June 20, 2012 at 10:14am


San Juan, Puerto Rico- This kitesurf contest has the objective to unite kitesurfers around the island to perform at their best in boardercross and give it all they got. This is the second contest for the 2012 race tour for Puerto Rico organized by the (FKSPR) Federacion de Kite Surf de Puerto Rico as sanctioned by the International Kitesurf Association (IKA). As many as 40 riders gather up for this contest.


“As for me this contest had a good experience were paddle boarders and kitesurfers unite in one event. We had a beautiful day with plenty of wind, this time I took out my 9m TS which helped me throughout the races because of the versatile power but especially with great upwind capacity taking advantage and combination with the Armada Vs. III 135x40 in order to take the win. It pumps me up the fact that we are all united in this great event," says Freddy.


San Juan is the capital of the island, is facing the Atlantic Ocean and pretty much get to ride like 10 months out of the year. Nevertheless this sport is getting very popular and every year we got more and more riders. This is the part of the island were I am from and I can tell you is very similar to Cabarete, Dominican Republic but 10 times better were you have no crowds plenty of wind flat and waves spots all around. See you in the water!!!!