The New CBeebies Summer Song - by Sid

July 13, 2011 at 4:10am



Hi Everyone


 Just got back from filming this year’s CBeebies Summer Song with Andy, Cerrie and Alex in (mostly) sunny Scarborough and Morecambe – we had an awesome time, so thought I’d come on here and tell you what we got up to!


In Scarborough I really managed to get back in touch with my inner child(!) - we rode the miniature railway, had a go on the ferris wheel, and played crazy golf. The highlight of my day though was the dodgems – instead of the usual 2 minutes we had unlimited time! (every boy’s dream..) which we put to good use having loads of fun bumping into each other all afternoon.


Andy and I then nearly did ourselves some serious damage with our over-enthusiastic bouncing on the trampets – only realised when we went for the bottom-bounce that they were built for people a lot smaller than us and the concrete was nearer than it looked… ouch!


The next day Alex and I did Morecambe just the two of us and had some proper old skool fun, swinging on the swingboats, climbing on the adventure playground and getting wet at the water park.


Had fun setting up set the ‘surprise’ shots of us getting drenched by the water jets – waited in position for ages for them to go off, then got a real surprise when I realised I was sitting on one.. ! Was very, very wet by the end of it.


Next we headed for the beach and built some pretty awesome sandcastles (though I say it myself) and it was great to see all our hard work destroyed in minutes by the all the children that had assembled to watch us on the beach – thanks kids!


Anyway, I hope you have as much fun singing along to the new summer song as we had making it. It’s ace - and it’ll be stuck in your head before you know it ;)


See you later