from the DRE- Christine Williford

November 28, 2011 at 4:59pm

Dear Friends,   Emmanuel, God-With-Us, arrives poor, vulnerable, homeless, exiled, unwelcome at the inn. We know that story well, but the implications go deep: God not content to simply pass through and visit like a tourist, flitting from one sight to another with no long term commitment. The Scriptures make  it clear that God is invested in humanity, taking on our flesh, seeing our wounds up close, fully inhabiting our life.


At the heart of Advent we follow the same path God chose for Jesus; embracing our humanity truly and completely by passionately and wholeheartedly investing ourselves in the ordinary moments of our lives.  At the heart of Advent, then, everyday life is an arena for doing justice and making peace in the smallest and most humdrum of moments.


Against the backdrop of the pre-Christmas rush, Advent reminds us what matters and what endures, for  no act of love is ever lost, forgotten or wasted. To that end, Faith Formation is planning 2 activities. All children of the parish and their families are invited to join us this Sunday December 4 during Faith Formation time, from 9:45am -10:45am. We will be creating Jesse Tree ornaments. These ornaments are symbols of the important biblical figures from the Bible- David, Joseph, Moses and are used to decorate trees during Advent. We will have cookies and hot chocolate - so please make it a point to join us in the cafeteria!



Also, all children who attend will be provided with an Advent Offertory can. This small can will be the receptacle of your child's donations from their "allowance" or monies earned from doing chores around the house. Please explain to your child that all the funds received will go directly to Coats 4 Kids-providing warm clothes for needy kids! Cans will be turned on January 8.   Thanks for all you do to provide your children with a solid foundation in our Catholic faith!