US Writers Room meets Europe´s Best during the second module of European TV Drama Series Lab!

June 26, 2012 at 3:36am

35 drama series producers and writers drawn from 13 countries across Europe just completed their second

module of the European TV Drama Series Lab 2012 in Berlin.


Organised by The Erich Pommer Institut in association with Media X Change  and with support of the MEDIA Programme and the Medienboard Berlin- Brandenburg, this initiative explored the US Showrunner role and the Writers Room as inspiration for a new era of European writers developing long running series for the global marketplace. This module is a further training and networking of European TV professionals with the goal of promoting the creation of top quality European series.


The participants worked side by side award winning European and US experts including Frank Spotnitz, (Showrunner, X-Files, Creator/ Producer HUNTED a BBC/HBO series), James Manos Jr. (Creator, Showrunner DEXTER, Co-producer/ Writer THE SOPRANOS), Simon Mirren (Showrunner, CRIMINAL MINDS, Writer, SPOOKS), Andy Harries (Producer, WALLANDER with Kenneth Branagh), Peter Nadermann (Executive Director Cologne Office for Coproduction / Drama, ZDF Enterprises), Klaus Zimmermann (Producer, BORGIA) and Sven Clausen (DR – Danish Broadcasting Corporation).


Frank Spotnitz is convinced that “how prevalent the Showrunner system becomes will be tied to how commercially successful European television becomes. But Europe can and should compete in the global marketplace”.


In a Writers Room simulation, participants worked with the US experts to experience the enhanced and accelerated results of the collaborative Writers Room process. Lab participant Trygve Allister Diesen, Writer VARG VEUM, Director KOMMISSARIE WINTER (, Norway) pointed out how the labs own Writers Room became this "sizzling pot of focused, directed creativity, where a handful of writers in just three days broke and created an original pilot idea with obvious commercial and artistic potential. Most of all, I was amazed on how effective it was, and how daring you can be if you eliminate the fear of failure, and focus on the thrill of creation."


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