45 Answers from Jeremy Cioara

March 14, 2011 at 8:33am

Last Tuesday, and thanks to Cisco Live, Jeremy Ciorra had a twitter chat with some of you. However, many of you didn't have the chance to be part of it maybe becuase of the timing. I've collected 45 questions and answers from Jeremy for you to check. I hope this motivate you more to carry on with your studies. Keep it up! - Hilal at Cisco




WOODY226: Got my CCNA... Is it a good idea to learn some Microsoft?

Jeremy: @Woody226 If you plan to stop at CCNA, ABSOLUTELY add MSFT to your skill set. If you plan to move into CCNP/CCIE, not as necessary.




AMODUCK77: Hi!!! Jeremy.. m preparing for ccie voice. is it gud to make a home lab.. or its worth investing in coaching classes..

Jeremy: @amoduck77 I'm always a fan of building a home lab - now that Cisco has allowed CUCM on ESXi, I'd say go that route!



FECOGEE: How do you have time for everything besides your family? CCIE, MS...

Jeremy: @fecogee SUPER strict scheduling. Every minute of the day is slotted in Outlook; if it doesn't fit, I can't do it.




TBLACCHILLS: how long does it take for any of ur cisco certs to be rendered invalid i.e. needing an upgrade?

Jeremy: @tblacchills Most cisco certs need to be renewed every 3 years. CCIE every 2 years.




TRIPLEA3: Hi Jeremy how does preparation for ICND2 differ from the full CCNA exam?

Jeremy: @triplea3 ICND2 is not much different different than full CCNA; however, you have less of a time contraint with ICND2 (CCNA = speedy!)



ZSUZSIKAVANDIJK: Hi Jeremy!! Welcome!! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! Im a big fan!

Jeremy: @ZsuzsikaVanDijk Your welcome! Thanks for the kind words!



DIORGN :Jeremy.. Im a fan.. I just wanna ask.. Have you ever failed a certification exam? If yes, how many times? :)

Jeremy: @diorgn A LOT (I can't give you an exact number). Seriously, Cisco exams are hard - even harder if you have to pass it at the CCSI lvl



DA40PILOT: Thanks for videos Jeremy! What is the best avenue for a job after ccna? Every where I look they want experience

Jeremy:  @da40pilot Great question. You have to get in somewhere...anywhere...and PROVE that you can go above and beyond. They'll see you



AMODUCK77: when the ccnp-voice learning material is coming out???

Jeremy: @amoduck77 As soon as I finish this TSHOOT insanity (this will be a killer series when it's done.     



MABOUNAJ:Jeremy, On behalf of all Cisco-geeks out there, we would like to thank you

Jeremy: @mabounaj Thanks much! You're very welcome! #



MABOUNAJ: What are your latest plans? Any new CCIE's in the making?

Jeremy: @mabounaj I've got to renew my current CCIE in 90 days...I'll probably do it by passing the CCIE Voice written; not too sure after tht



AMODUCK77: How much u work on router/switches daily?? When do u sleep jeremy!!!

Jeremy: @amoduck77 It's hard to put a "how much per day" value...some days, none. Others, 12+ hours. Day begins at 4am, ends at 10:30pm.



TBLACCHILLS: so wats bin done unto d development of ipv6?

Jeremy:@tblacchills Not too much IPv6 development right now (just not enough demand). Cisco is splicing plenty of it into CCNP though.



3BDOLA: i hav 2 pstn #s connected to vic2-2fxo. i have 4 IPphones. can i make the1st 2 phones make & receive calls from fxo0/0 and not fxo0/1?

Jeremy: @3bdola You've got to set up a PLAR-style configuration on both FXO ports to send it to the specific internal extension.

3BDOLA: i did that and it works for incoming calls only but what about outgoing calls? #cl11

Jeremy: @3bdola Ahhh - you've got to use COR list to restrict outgoing calls to the correct FXO port (based on the calling phone)

3BDOLA: 1 last question. if i configure 2 simliar pstn dial-peers but with differnet port #s then apply Cor lists under phoneDn would it work?

Jeremy: @3bdola You'd need different outgoing COR lists. It's a similar config to this (SIP vs. FXO): http://bit.ly/gQ6y9T





ENG_MAMK: Is it nessacery for a VoIP engineer to learn about Microsoft and servers. I recently achieved my CCNA Voice, now working on TSHOOT

Jeremy: @Eng_MAMK VoIP is becoming a pretty big specialty. I don't think it's as essental to learn MSFT if you know you're stuff in VoIP.




FECOGEE What are your favourite topics? Routing, switching, VoIP?

Jeremy: @fecogee Routing is definitely my favorite (routing protocols)



NFX_ : Hi Jeremy, what would you say is the best way to break into the industry, I have completed my CCNA and currently doing CCNA Security. CBT Nuggets is great by the way.

Jeremy:  @nfx_ If you plan to stop at CCNA, it's best to grab some mad MSFT skills to compliment. Sometimes you just have to start entry-level.




BVARCOLAC : Hi, If I took the CCNA course, passed it but didn't get the discount voucher, is there a limit for taking the exam???

Jeremy: @bvarcolac Only limit for taking the exam is your bank account ;)




TREBOR11584: how long does it take you to finish a certain video tutorial (i.e. CCNP ROUTE)?

Jeremy: @trebor11584 Depends on the series, but it typically takes 2-3 months to create one (simply because I've got too much other stuff :(




DIORGN Jeremy, your videos from CBT nuggets are from a few years back right? Do you think you have the need to update it?

Jeremy: @diorgn Depends which video series you're talking about. Yes, some of them need updates.




IKESHAV: I've completed 5 papers for the CCVP without the CCNA,My Qstn is once I clear CCIE Written will I get a CCVP or shd I write CCNA

Jeremy:  @ikeshav I'd love to create CCIE Voice, but right now there's too much demand for the prof. levl update (CCNP Voice) - it'll be awhile




MABOUNAJ: With all the new Data Center, Telepresence, Collaboration etc. technologies, do you still value your #CCIE / invest in a new one?

Jeremy: @mabounaj CCIE R&S is super valuable even with all the new technologies. R&S is still the foundation of it all regardless of the app




NONENONE45: How do I start teaching cisco classes? I have CCNA/CCNP - Working on CCIE

Jeremy: @nonenone45 To start teaching Cisco classes (authorized), you need a CCSI (which is REALLY nerve racking if you're new into training).




SMARTNAIJA: Do you suggest one to acquire all CCNA,CCNP exam tracks?

Jeremy: @smartnaija It depends on your goal. Education for the sake of education is useless - you've got to know where you're going with it.




TOMTENIZZE: Salutations to you Jeremy from Sweden. Coming this far would not be possible with out your help. CCNAS tomorrow cross your fingers! =D

Jeremy: @tomtenizze Hello Sweden!




BRYAN__PALACIOS: jeremy what has been you biggest challenge in the networking world?

Jeremy: @bryan__palacios Walking into a core switch IOS upgrade without a complete plan...stupid mistake I won't make again (this week) ;)



YITTY4EVA: Hi Jeremy what is the cheapest way for me to study for the CCNP Switch? What equipment should I buy?

Jeremy: @yitty4eva Cheapest way to study for CCNP Switch: Couple 3550s, couple 2950s and your golden.




CCIEEXPERIENCE Jeremy, Im studying for my CCIE Voice Lab and I was wondering what your thoughts are in using CUCM 8.0 vs 7.0?

Jeremy: @CCIEEXPERIENCE CUCM 7 vs CUCM 8...not much difference. You could study with both and get the same experience. #cl11




MABOUNAJ: Do you know of any #CCIE #DataCenter coming up? For example N7k, UCS, OTV, .. technologies are not covered in any certification path

Jeremy: @mabounaj Nothing on CCIE/Data Center currently scheduled. Not a massive demand like the CCNP programs.



ENG_MAMK  Is becoming a CCNP adds to the value of VoIP engineer

Jeremy: @Eng_MAMK Becoming a CCNP adds to your value regardless of the profession



TDAS9: Hi tdas from india! ahve my A+Net+CCENTCCNA. do i need a degree Or should i go for CCIE! cant hv both. which 1 u say? thnx

Jeremy: @tdas9 I'd go with the one you're employer would value more...Degree vs. CCIE? Personally, I'd choose CCIE, but that's just me.



NOODL3SSS : Hey Jeremy. Why dont you take CCIE Voice ? :)

Jeremy: @noodl3sss Why don't I take my CCIE Voice? ...3 kids 4 years and under... (nuff said ;)





SMARTNAIJA: what is the best route path to take in becoming a security expert? Since there seems to be various path to follow

Jeremy: @smartnaija Security is not for everyone. I'd start with the CCNA Security and see if it sparks your interest. If so, go CCNP Security




DANTE200000: social science=people giving out passwords to unauthorized people. So is it more important to technically secure networks or

Jeremy: @dante200000 Gotcha - using authentication such as Smartcard / Token / etc... eliminates the social factor. Big investment for that th



TDAS9: if u dont mind jeremy. can u please tell us ur basic qualification i mean Academics not the Cisco or Certification arsenal. pls share

Jeremy: @tdas9 Go for a different NOC environment then :). If you've got the skills, there are many NOCs that will accept non-degree folks.




HRTBRKD: @jer0886 Did ROUTE change much from BSCI? Just got back from a deployment from Bahrain. Should I get the new book?

Jeremy: @hrtbrkd ROUTE is not too much different than BSCI, but the exam is much more hands-on / real world than the BSCI ever was.



_DSPALDING : Hi Jeremy, When studying for the CCNP, Which order would you suggest for studying and taking the exams?

Jeremy:@_DSpalding ROUTE, SWITCH, TSHOOT (but that's simply because I like routing more ;). Just make sure you take TSHOOT last.



TRIPLEA3 Jeremy, How much networking experience do you recommend someone have before they go after the CCNP?

Jeremy: @triplea3 You can go after CCNP with very little networking experience. Gain experience from your CCNP labs.



BRYAN__PALACIOS : jeremy we need you in the social networks common!! :D

Jeremy: @bryan__palacios If only there was 28 hours a day, I'd spend four of them in the social network world! :o)



DUCM214 : Jeremy and other participants in the chat, I just graduated and would like advice on how to start in the networking field? #

Jeremy: @ducm214 How to start...depends on your experience. If you must, start low (entry level, tech support, etc) volunteer for other optn.




TDAS9 : i ♥ JCs humrus real world analogies in his vids. really enjoying! ur clip woud get a 8.0-9.0 rating on IMDB a few may make it 2 oscars

Jeremy:  @tdas9 Ha! Thanks!!!




NSADRIU : Jeremy, do you recomend preparation for CCIE R&S using online LAB,s or creating real lab if you have equipment of course.

Jeremy: @nsadriu Nowadays, I'd probably recommend online labs. I spent too much time cabling / recabling. Online is much cheaper now than b4



BRYAN__PALACIOS:  i just want to thank for the thought of the fisherman in you voip series :D

Jeremy: @bryan__palacios If you teach a man to fish... ;)




PHILASHMAN: I teach CCNA security and curious if you had any tips on hlping studnts learn ZBF? No matter how many tips I give they really struggle

Jeremy: @philashman ZBF is freakin' hard to teach no matter what. Concepts are simple, but since it uses the MQC it loses people. I teach it similar to QoS. Focus on the "classify what you want", then "define what to do to it", then "Where to do it at."



FECOGEE: Thx Jeremy. Greetings from Hungary

Jeremy: @fecogee Thanks Hungary!