San Francisco Restaurants Win Carbon Cutter Awards

September 5, 2010 at 1:17pm


Cliff House

Ralph Burgin

Reduced energy consumption through refrigerator gasket replacement, evaporator fan motor replacement, installation of the Green Vent exhaust management system, and is currently working through placement of wind turbines to generate their own electricity by taking advantage of the wind coming off the Pacific Ocean.

Four restaurants have been recognized for their outstanding efforts to reduce their energy usage: the Cliff House, Delfina, Incanto and Tadich Grill. The awards are presented as part of an energy management program through a partnership between the Golden Gate Restaurant Association and PG&E. The program started in January, 2010 and presents one or more energy reduction opportunities each month to the restaurant community. Each restaurant went through a free energy audit, and responded to the low cost and no cost recommendations to reduce their energy consumption.