Garick Bay - Climbing Photographer Coach

May 6, 2012 at 8:23pm

Team Climb Asia has a new family member and he's Garick! We invited Garick to join our team because of his vast coaching experience and we simply like him for being a great guy! 


We interviewed Garick to find out what he thinks of being in Team Climb Asia and to talk about his recent trip to Fontainebleau.


Welcome on board Team CA, Garick!

Garick (G): Thanks! It is definitely my pleasure and honour to be able to be a part of the team! 


And we are very happy to have you on board too! Now that you’re part of our team, what do you hope to achieve out of being a Team Climb Asia coach?

G: I hope to be able to reach out to more climbers out there and share with them training methods to achieve their personal targets, and to be able to reach out to the non-climbers, to share with them the fun and joy in the sport! In the competitive scene, I aspire to be able to bring my climber(s) to the level in which they can compete in the regional/international scene, training them from the start, following them to the competitions, analysing their climbs and eliminate their weakness so that they will be better prepared for their next competition. 


Inspiring! Describe your proudest moment as a coach.

G: Seeing them graduate from their respective institutions, moving on to the working world, and yet still be able to find time to climb. That by itself would be most rewarding, and the proudest moments as a coach!


What are you currently doing right now?

G: I am a professional photographer and climbing coach. I currently have three schools under my wing. 


Describe your love for climbing in less than 8 words.

G: It is beyond words to describe! 


That’s still 6 words. Haha. We heard that you recently visited Fontainebleau (France), the mecca of bouldering. How was it?

G: The trip was pretty awesome! The variety of climbs there is huge and footwork is really important there as they are either miniscule or slopey! I've learnt different movements while climbing the various problems and would like to pass on the knowledge by setting some problems that mimic the moves in Fontainebleau as the style is pretty unique. One thing that is pretty hard to mimic is the scary top-outs on some of the boulders! You will understand once you have been there!  


Any climbing idols?

G: None :) 


Let us know something interesting about yourself that isn't about climbing.

G: I use to be scrawny and little before I picked up climbing .... now i'm ..... less scrawny and slightly bigger ;) 


If you were stranded on an remote island and you only have these items - a 20m dynamic climbing rope, 2 carabiners and a knife - how would you use them to help you get back to civilisation ?

G: I'd probably use the knife to cut down wood, and use the rope to tie them up into a raft ... blah blah blah .... then again, I might consider staying on the remote island, only if there are rocks there for me to climb all day long !


Thanks Garick! We're looking forward to your contributions to the climbing community through Climb Asia!


Click on this link for some photos of Garick in Fontainebleau. You can find the photos of our other athletes and coaches in this album as well.