The Wyeths Across Texas with Victoria Wyeth

September 7, 2012 at 7:43am


Yesterday, I drove to the Tyler Museum of Art (TMA) to preview their new exhibit, The Wyeths Across Texas. This wonderful exhibit, which opens today (Friday, Sept. 7, 2012), is a collection of works by N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth. All of the works are from collectors in Texas.


I am a big fan of the three generations of Wyeths. I remember their 1987 exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). That was my first visit to the DMA, seeing this incredible exhibit and also Claes Oldenburg's Stake Hitch (1984), which is sadly no longer on display.


The highlight of my visit to the TMA was meeting and getting a personal tour from Victoria Wyeth.


Wow! I have never met someone with such enthusiasm and appreciation for Wyeth art.


Miss Wyeth could go on talking about her great-grandfather, grandfather and uncle all day long, and I would listen without ever tiring. She toured the exhibit with another photographer and myself. We had a wonderful conversation about the works. I tried really hard to keep my mouth shut, because what she was saying about the works was pure gold.


I'll have to double check the with the TMA, but I believe Miss Wyeth is giving tours of the exhibit this weekend only. If you have the time, then I highly recommend a visit to the TMA to see The Wyeths Across Texas.


Thank you, Victoria, for making my Wyeth experience all that more enjoyable. Cheers.


Michael Roman

Managing Editor

Dallas Art News


P.S. A full review will be coming to Dallas Art News this weekend.