You're Our Only Hope

June 11, 2010 at 2:42pm

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for a very special, and very specific, Star Wars fan. As you probably know, Star Wars Celebration V is this August, and you better believe we have big news to announce.

We’d like to do something fun with one of our announcements this year, and it requires the help of a fan who is already planning on attending the event. The fan we’re looking for needs to be a slender female between the ages of 18 and 35 with dark brown or black hair, preferably with green eyes and olive skin tone.

Please note, this fan must be planning to attend Star Wars Celebration V. We will not be able to provide lodging or travel for this fan in anyway.

We’re looking for this fan to help us over the course of the entire weekend, and someone comfortable being in the public spotlight. Additionally, this fan will receive exclusive information about a brand-new project, and have access to behind-the-scenes material not available to anyone outside Dark Horse Comics and Lucasfilm. So, we’ll need to be comfortable trusting this fan with proprietary information.

If you think you fit the criteria, or know someone that does, please send an email with your name, age, and address, along with two or more photos to acolter {at} darkhorse {dot} com.

Thanks, and may the Force be with you!