Answers to your questions... as many as could be that is

January 31, 2012 at 2:28pm

Ian Turner

Dear Dave,

Do you have Asajj Ventress' fate written yet? Are you going to perhaps have her join back up with the CIS and have Dooku and Sidious realize they can't win the war without her fighting and killing skills. That way you could have her final episodes be like in the comics for the Obsession story line. You would have a great 4 part story for the final season when it comes and you can have Durge in there as well :) It would be a fitting end for Asajj in my opinion!


Hey Ian. Ventress’ story is one of the most interesting that we have developed with George. We’ve really gotten into what she is all about, and this season will be no different. There’s much more to her story than people realize, and some awesome new outfits as well. I don’t think we would link up with the comic book storyline though, at least not anytime soon. There is big character development coming for the “hairless harpy.”


Beej Powers

Is there an endgame for the series in mind already? That is to say, do you know what the last episode or mini-series already is, it's just a matter of how long will Cartoon Network let you take to get there?


I always have an endgame in sight. George and I have discussed it, but we just keep writing more stories and finding new and exciting situations for the characters. New stories come along that change the end game, so it’s still evolving. We know we are on a collision course with “Revenge of the Sith,” but there are details surrounding the fate of certain characters that are still in discussion. This is an exciting time for the writing team, because big things are going to happen with significant characters. 


Eric Harzer

Are there any episodes from the first or second seasons that you or the crew would like to re-do, knowing what you know now, and having more resources at your disposal? Thanks for taking fans' questions!


It’s funny that you ask that Eric. Not that long ago George and I were joking about how much better we could tell the stories with the way we produce the animation now. Imagine the Malevolence now. It’s tempting, but at the same time, seeing those episodes reminds me of how much we have evolved as a creative team, and I’m very proud of my crew for that. But if George said “Dave, go make your special edition,” I would not say no.


Pavel Klimeš

Hi Dave, I would like to ask if we are to see a revolution on Mandalore. The Essential Atlas mentioned AWOL ARC trooper Alpha-02 "Spar" being the one who returns the Mandalorians to their warrior ways. Are we going to see this event AND more importantly Satine's faction fate? Yes or no will do ( :-) ) Thanks for answering.


What you saw in Season 4 with the Death Watch was just a small taste of what is to come. I think the Madalorians are involved in one of the best story arcs next season. A great deal is at stake and big things happen. As far as Spar, the clones and the Mandalorians go, you have to understand that in the film saga, and the TV series, clones don’t really identify with Mandalorians. The vast majority of clones never met Jango Fett, and the series has focused more on the clones having their own culture, rather than adopting a culture that they never really came in contact with. Satine will be returning and I promise you she will have bigger problems than tainted Moogan Tea this time.


Troy Kuhn

 Will we see Order 66 take place in the CW?

If we do, it would be from a different perspective than we saw it in the films.



 Shahzeb Nasir

Dear Mr. Filoni, Can we please have another sneak peak/snippet of Darth Maul in the Clone Wars and will we only see him in the last two episodes of Season 4 or can we expect him to return with Savage Opress in Season 5?

Thank you and May the force be with you always!


That would be cool, I’ll see what I can do.


Nick Judnitch

Galactic Marines ever going to show up?


I would love to find a place to use Galactic Marines, so we’ll see. Currently they have not shown up as of yet. There are some cool troopers coming though, ones that you have never seen before, but that is a ways off.


Oisín McDonagh

Greetings from the Emerald Isle, Mr Filoni!


My question is: have either yourself, the writers or maybe even the Maker himself ever considered a Darth Sidious centred story-arc featuring the dark lord himself? You know, something that would really get across the point that, for all its savagery and scope, the Clone War is merely a gaudily lit distraction that keeps the Galaxy's focus away from what's truly going on in secret places and dark corners? It wouldn't even need to sweep back the curtain and show the wrinkled old man who's been hiding behind it for so long, just give it a little tug and show us a glimpse of the extent of the Sith's plans.


Anyway, a hundred thousand thank you's for all the work you have done, are doing and will continue to do for both Star Wars and it's many fans!


Darth Sidious is a sensitive subject, and so far it has been a conscious decision to never show him other than as a hologram in the series. However, I would look for the dark lord to take a more active role in the future.


Leonor Cardenas Hi I am a boy I am just using my moms account. Why wasn't Cody at Obi’s funeral? Isn't he is second in command?


In order to keep the nature of Obi Wan’s mission as secret as possible, the Jedi Council assigned Cody to a mission so he could not attend. A fact that did not sit well with the Commander.


Madison Sneddon

My question is simply weather Obi-Wan and Satine will be seeing each other, face-to-face once more.


That’s a very thoughtful question Madison, so I will answer you. YES



Sarah Joy K

Hey Mr.Filoni im one of your biggest girl fans and i just wanted to kno what we can see coming up for Ahsoka in the future

Keep up the good work :)


Sarah, thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. Ahsoka is going to face one of her biggest challenges ever next season. I cannot tell you the details, but it will raise her to her greatest heights, and take her to her darkest moment yet, so hang in there and cross your fingers.


Mee Deechi 

Are we ever going to see Mother Talzin's motivations and learn more about her? She holds many secrets yet to be revealed ;)

I’m glad you ask about Mother Talzin, she’s actually more important than people guess. You are on the right track. What is she all about? Why is she so interested in Savage and Maul? Patience…in time you will know.


Bonnie Lin does david know that Sarah Lister is now sitting next to me in London? :) after so many years of communicating via Zam :)


Haha! No, I did not know that, but that is great! For those of you who do not know what is going on here, Bonnie and Sarah both worked on The Clone Wars. They are two unsung heroes of our production, and both very talented. They have since moved on, but now, evidently, sit next to one another at their new jobs. That’s great! I am very happy to see Sarah is working, tell her I told her so, and I’m very proud of both of you.


AllGeek Tome

My questions are a bit simplistic, but as I am working on a build for the 501st, I would hate to be failing in this regard: Exactly how do you pronounce Bo-Katan?


It’s pronounced “Bow”, as in Rainbow, “cat” as in cat, “Anne” as in the girls name. The character is named after my wife’s nickname for her cat – “the Boogie,” and my wife’s name is “Anne.” So, it’s “Boogie-Cat-Anne”, Boogie got shortened to “Bo,” so thus Bo-Katan. It also sounds like Boca Ratan, FL, but the name has nothing to do with that. Lol.


Grayson Van Leeuwen Is there ever going to be an episode that shows how and why Anakin and Obi-Wan changed their lightsaber hilts?


No, we have never really gotten into that, however you will learn much more about lightsabers in the future.


Kristin Shetter Gaughan

My 13 year old son is a huge fan; thank you for making a show that the whole family can enjoy together. My son's questions are: Will we see Tuskan Raiders in the Clone Wars? and Is there going to be any in depth look at the ancient Sith or go to any of the Sith worlds? and Will we see Hondo Ohnaka (a family favorite character!) again? Thank you!


Hondo – YES

Tuskan Raiders – YES (but in the future, not soon)

Sith - …hmmm…hmmm… patience. Sith have patience, that’s how they survived. So have patience. You will see. Just have patience.


Bryce Martin Are there any plans to convert General Grievous to Episode III, with his six fingered hands instead of four?


Bryce, that’s a great idea. We have never updated Grievous since we did the original model but that’s overdue. Let me talk to Kilian and see what he says, but I think that’s a really good idea. The show has evolved, and maybe that should too.