Thank You!

December 6, 2010 at 12:58pm

Today, we officially lifted the NDA on the SOE DC Universe Online Beta!  Below is a special "thank you" post from DCUO Game Director, Chris Cao.  


Beta Players,


We’ve played together in DCUO’s closed Beta for months.  We’ve posted back and forth, voted Up or Down, and shared this new universe together.  Now, it’s time to take a step closer towards launch.


Thank you, all, for your play and feedback.  We appreciate that, despite the challenges presented by a game in Beta, your feedback has helped us understand the game from a player’s point of view.  Your thoughts, critiques, opinions, and suggestions have given us a wealth of perspective to draw from.  DCUO is a far better game today because of your efforts.


Today, December 6, 2010, the NDA will be dropped across the game. Our conversations, and our game, will be shared with the world.  So keep playing, keep posting, and keep talking about DCUO.


You’ve helped us make a good game great.  Let’s keep that going as we finish out beta.  Thank you.