The Unrelenting Cover Contest Extended - Version 2.0 - CONTEST DEADLINE 1ST JANUARY FOR EVERYTHING!!!

November 2, 2010 at 12:14pm



On 11th October we launched 'The Unrelenting Guitar Cover Contest' and we received some great entries for that as well. However we got lots of requests from vocalists, bassists etc to host the competition for them as well. So we said 'sure thing' and we've not only extended the contest deadline for guitarists but we've expanded it as well for vocalists, bassists and drummers.


So waste no more time, read the instructions below and get cracking on recording that cover.


How do I enter?

All you got to do is cover the song 'The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance' on guitar, bass, vocals or drums and upload a video of the cover on youtube. After you have done that email the link to and post it on the facebook page wall. Make sure you email the link so we can accept your entry.


What do I need?

A guitar,bass, your voice or drum setup and a camera are good to start with. We've uploaded guitar pro 4 and 5 versions of the guitar and bass tabs for you to refer to if you cannot figure out the song yourself. We also have a PDF of the tab incase you do not have Guitar Pro. The song is recorded on D standard tuning. For vocalists the lyrics are available on the Reverbnation page.


That's not all, we've uploaded different versions of the track without the guitars, bass, vocals and drums for you to use for your entry into the contest. Drummers you have 2 options, 1 without the metronome and 1 with it.


What do I win?

The winner becomes the 'Fan of the month' on our facebook page and wins a cool ESP Guitar t-shirt sponsored by Furtados Music along with winning some cool Demonic Resurrection merchandise like wristbands, plectrums, signed posters and a signed CD. We'll also throw in a cool brand new DR sticker.


How will winners be picked?

Winners will be picked by the band members who will watch all the videos and rate them. A small percentage will also depend on public ratings on youtube so we will share every video that is submitted and other DR fans can rate it on youtube. 


Where can I download the tabs and the song from?

Download Guitar Tabs

Link 1:

Link 2:


Download Bass Tabs

Link 1:

Link 2:


Download the backing tracks from:

(Remember it is available without guitars, without bass, without vocals, without drums and with a click and without drums and no click.)


So that's pretty much it and this is open to all DR fans, doesn't matter if you live in India or America or Antarctica or if you are 8 years old or 80 years old.  


So good luck to all contestants!

Cheers & Stay Demonic!!

Demonic Resurrection