did you bring the heat? Body&Soul at EP2012

September 16, 2012 at 6:59am


Ok, everybody, greetings and apologies to you, one and all. It's taken me ages to write a few simple words to go with this mix so sorry for the delay. The reason for the holdup is that I wanted them to be absolutely clear and sincere as could be, your Honour. Of course they're nothing of the sort but this is the Beat and them's the breaks.


Firstly, I want to dedicate this selection to all the people who weren't there on the night in question and more especially to those who'll never get to attend the Picnic for one reason or another. This one's for you! This is the first time in all the years that I'm posting up any recording after the fact. Down the years, my reticence was partly because the i felt that the mixes were in retrospect often marred by scrappy play or ugly off the ball incidents when they should have been lit up by glorious points if not goals, goals, goals but mainly because I felt strongly that the magic wasn't for replaying or even recording or re-creating or re anything Re-ally. Of all places I've ever played, danced, hung out, had fun and been entertained in my life so far, in that there field of dreams, existing in the moment is a genuine, no claims bonus, guaranteed winner every time & very much in and of itself, its own reward. But This time i'm breaking the rule of never going back to try to convey something of what happens or happened there while I still can and there's still time. And while the Sound is only part of the overall picture at Body & Soul, maybe I can add a few words that'll explain how it looks from my point of view or how it sounds from where i'm standing in the eye of the hurricane right up close to the Klang of Music.


For me, as i see & hear it, it's a golden opportunity to set the menu for christmas dinner in the rare oul' strictly modern times. Believe me that makes me feel like i got the golden goose to lay the golden egg containing the Golden ticket to ride the Merries all night long, All .... Night .....Long.


We only ever had one and a half television stations in our house in Kerry but it didn't stop me staring out the window at the giant early screensaver that was the Kingdom skies and wishing on a prayer that Mr Saville over there in the united kingdoms of Britain would take off his cans unfurl his silvery curls, look sideways sort of my way and hear my plaintive pleas please. And miraculously, as it was indeed prophesised in the letter of Tall Paul to the Garda Supers,  the miracle of the tunes and wishes came to the Healy pass & He did duly arrive & lit up the Way. Basically, Jim himself stepped over to my side and he did 'll fix it for me. Fair play J, now then, now then, that'll do nicely, thank you very much, I say, I say.


& so now, back in the present day, because of that immaculate 'll fix it job i now get to 'll mix it every christmas at santa's grotto block party ghetto style. The Saville cigars lights up in my hand & the night goes up in smoke. Or words to that effect.


This here recording, which was made by Rob Mullen of the eternal External Sounds, is that last hour or so of what I had intended to be my last outing on that stage for a while, certainly the last for Parish in that its incarnation. I would like to take everything i've learned from all of that and turn it into  something else from this point onwards. I have a lot to learn in that respect very far to go but i don't lack for eagerness. Yes, I'm willing and plenty eager. Able, who cane say??


I'm not so sure about my decison to call time either at this stage and I may have to consult the stars on that one, if that's ok with you. Anyway, here's the mix, warts, ropey crossfades, peaking lights & hysterical MC'ing 'n' all. It's the first mix I think i've ever been happy with as I think for once i got to tell the story in such a way that I didn't immediately want to it go back and do it differently all over again straight away as soon as posible. The best and only way once and for all so here it goes.....


So, as best as I could conjure on the night, this for me is the sound of 'now' which is what any i guess every dj aspires to capture or represent at some stage. To my ears we live in an age of sound and on nights like these I always find myself marveling at just how huge the sound is or how great certain textures within it are or how wonderful the sky is or how lovely the people beneath in look or how gently the terra firma sways in giant sound waves. And I go MIA & completely get carried away and just when I'm looking at it from another angle completely and enjoying that view, then suddenly I'll snap out of it & spin back to reality and real time and check myself, do a quick pinch and realise, holy smoke, I'm in charge here. Cripes! Or as old john mac used to say: oh, creepers! Back to work. That' s what it feels like. Usually there's no plan or pre-ordained way for it to go. I try to let the crowd guide the ship as much as possible. On clear nights like that one the Navigator takes a clear line.  Although icebergs and the Unkown are an ever-present threat, as co-driver & keeper of the wheel,  there's a level of crows-nest resting cruise control that you try to reach and then maintain all journey-long. Then I'll just try to keep her on an even keel 'till safely across to the other side.  I'll try to read the signs without staring too hard in people's faces. I try to match those expectations and join the dots and fill in the spaces and connect up the lines for people the way i would like someone to do for me in such a spectral  situation. Thats all really. The best nights for me are those that end up in that kind of sonic wonderland where stuff you could only dream about or stuff you actually dream about, comes to pass. And the turn ups for the book get turned over and chaos rains while all heaven breaks loose..... Stormy and sweet,  the prevailing conditions.........


let it be said, this particular coliseum has a special place in all our hearts. In between the nightmares its the bedrock of all my years' dreaming, september to september. It goes that deep. It was there that I found an audience that I could never call mine exactly  but more all of ours' together. I'm aware of how much belief in the power of music reverberates around the arena and getting to control the sound-waves that circulate is certainly the greatest pleasure of my entire working life so far.


That's all I can say for now, except to add that I hope you enjoy the mix. I'd also like to send special greetings and love out to all the amazing people I met in person over subsequent days.  I've been to festivals in many other places and atmosphere wise, the Picnic in 2012 wasn't just a different country but a different planet. I felt proud to be part of it.  These are foggy times but whenever it clears and we get a picture of ourselves in good light I for one always love what i see. The Picnic is our collective Kodak moment in the calender. So what's the picture this year? Ireland's burning of course, Fiiiiiiiiire!!!There's a whole new generation going up it flames. Long may it burn, bring it on.


The music I heard over the course of the weekend made me realise how lucky we are to be entering a true golden age in irish music together. We just got shafted on all fronts but we also just Got Lucky I think on that score. To me there's an army of great new soldiers on the ground. Respect to SertOne in particular who blew my blown mind with his set on the Sunday night. It was him who brought The HEAT big time. He blew a funk sized hole in the HeavyTown wall in one fell swoop. We've got the keys to the Kingdom now boys.


 A Time & place defining, competition obliterating, festival busting cyclone, all powerful, like weather. It's time to batten down the hatches and celebrate the good times in the Country, so come on!

 What's happening now makes Five years ago look like Jurassic Park. Roll over Beethoven. Four! So long T-Rex. Three! Take Tchaicovsky back.  Two! Wellllllllllllllll,....... that's SnOow White, Mama. Merry Christmas.




Listen to the set here: http://i.mixcloud.com/CBjxxr

P.S. most of the records were purchased from plug'd Cork, or all city Dublin. Heroes on the ground.