Q&A session with Swen Vincke (02/09/2011)

September 2, 2011 at 11:13am

Thanks all for posting  your questions - we're pretty impressed about all the attention we're getting and really didn't expect so much of it so soon. So, before I start answering, please be aware that this game is still very much in development, and that we have a tendency to change our mind rapidly about something if we think another idea makes more sense than the one we had originally. That said, the answers below correspond to how we're planning on doing things right now. 


Q: Can we unlock armor parts, special attacks for the dragon and special moves for the troops during the game?


There is an entire research and development part to the game that we haven’t shown yet (and to be frank are still designing). You’ll be able to upgrade/expand your dragon and its equipment as well as your fleet in many ways.


Q: Are you going to include a few pieces of enemy ships falling from them, when they explode?


We’re planning on adding many more layers of graphical polish as well as animations to what you’ve seen so far, the goal being a very dynamic experience. In human words, we ‘re trying to get you to feel very powerful and very fast, so it ‘s very well possible that debris is added, but that’ll only be done when first a whole bunch of things that need to be done visually are actually done. What I’m trying to say – I don’t want to promise it right now, but if we can, we will.


Q: Will there be other dragons on the enemy's side?


Yes, you are fighting against other Dragon Knights, and you can be sure that they’ll be joining in combat too.


Q: Will Kirill Pokrovsky create the music for Dragon Commander?


We asked him. He said yes :)


Q: How may different generals will there be in the game? GC version had 2 guys, will there be 5? 10? 20?


We don't know the answer to that question yet - the idea is that you can choose out of several, but we want each of them to have their own character arc, so we'll need to limit the amount. More than 2 for sure ;)  


Q: Will this be an RTS, FPS, or combination of both?


I've tried for months to come up with a genre description for this one and I gave up. The best way I can describe it is - you are the Dragon Commander. You plan your campaign, you make decisions that affect the lives of many, you decide what to research (and by consequence what not), whether magic or technology or both are your thing, you decide on the strategy and you lead in combat where you can focus on either being the tactical genius that doesn't get his hand dirty or the legendary hero that is all over the place. I know it sounds fuzzy, but you really can do all of these things. 


Q: Will there be multiplayer?


Yes. We're all looking forward to the day that we can play the game with all features enabled against the other guys in the office and kick their dragon butts.


Q: Will you make it Mac/Apple compatible?


Not this one - you'll be able to play it on Mac via either dual boot or cloud gaming 


Q: How does the story connect to that of Divinity 2?


Remarkably well ;) We'll have more on that in the future - Jan, our lead writer, did a very good job on this.


Q: What sort of cosmetic customization will there be? Will there be multiple options for our dragon's appearance?


Q: Will we have more customization over the dragon, such as more equipment types, different abilities to learn?


Same answer as the one about unlocking things - so yes, we remain RPG developers at heart so we plan quite a lot in that department.


Q: Is there a gender option, and if yes, will that have an impact on the story? (or are the princesses pretty open-minded? :P)


Q: Can you play a female protagonist in this game?


Q: Will we be able to create a female Dragon Knight or is the gender of the Dragon Knight set tomale only?


Q: And will you be able to play as a female?


Heheh, please let me hold back a bit on that ;)  


Q: How flexible are the diplomatic choices you can make? Are they more like decisions as to the sort of army you want?


The idea is to have quite a lot of them covering many aspects of how you want to rule your empire, in addition of course to how you want to run your campaign.  


Q: Is the overworld map completely open, or just set choices between the next missions available?


Completely open (except probably for the tutorial part)  - we really want you to be campaigning, but that also means that you'll have to take care that somebody doesn't take back a territory you conquered in the past. 


Q: Will we be seeing any of the sub characters from the Divinity Universe e.g Bellegar or will they all be new?


Some well known characters might be there. This is set around the age of Maxos.



Q: Will we be able to choose different classes? Like wizard, warrior and such


Like the previous Divinities, this one is class-less, though obviously character development can specialize in certain areas. 


Q: Can we have some gameplay footage, even if it's work-in-progress-all-subje



I think that's covered by gametrailers  footage of Gamescom. 


Q: Where do you take inspiration for the dragon archetypes?


Tbh, from whatever we think is cool enough to make a dragon out of it. The white one in the key art is based on a libelle for instance. 


Q: Will gamesaves from previous Divinity games affect Dragon Commander? (a la Mass Effect)




Q: What will the preorder bonuses be, if any? :D


We're still thinking about that. What we'd really like to do is release the board game we based the first phase of the game on as a real board game. That should be pretty cool, but that's probably more something for a super-deluxe edition as I'm told it'll cost us a fortune to create. 


Q: Could we get our hands on a demo? It looks great so far!


Afraid not - we still have a lot of work before it's going to be a real game. It does have that feel to it that when you pick it up, you for some reason just keep on playing.


Q: Will you be able to spread terror among the poor helpless peasants on the ground?


Q: Will we be able to use our dragon form to fight ground based units or will that be left up to our human form?


If you look closely at the Gametrailers footage of Gamescom, you'll notice that the terrain is pretty detailed. That's because we want to put stuff on the ground.


Q: Will the buildings/fortresses be destructible? You know, you're commanding a dragon in fight and suddenly a rocket launcher appears in his hands and he decides to raze someone's floating garden :D


The rocket launher eventually will attached to the dragon in a super-ingenious manner.  


Q: What is the bluey white Dragon on the poster?


She's on of the other Dragon Knights.


Q: We were told that you could form alliances in the game - will the people you form alliances with be other dragon knights & if so, will we see them fighting along side by side with the dragon commander?




Q: Will we still have access to trainers & enchanters to upgrade our skills & equipment?


It's different, but yes, something like that.


Q: What was the reason that made you put a jetpack on the Dragon Commander?


It fits with the entire technology thing that's present in the first ages of Rivellon - expect the equivalent to rocket launchers attached to the dragon too.


Q: Will the dragon have the jetpack from the start of the game or is it a accessory that we'll need to find / research?


It's an accessory, but a pretty important one. I don't think you want to take on the other Dragon Knights without the speed and powers it gives you, but who knows, when everything comes together in the development, I'm sure somebody will try to kill the others without a jetpack to show his tactical superiority,  and if it's fun, why not. We'l lsee. 


Q: Will Dragon Commander's story have more than 1 ending ? And if so, how many possible endings will story the have? And are there side story quests to do?


There's a discussion going on about that within Larian, so I'm not going to comment on that just yet.