Vote for the Workgroups!

July 9, 2012 at 2:47pm


After our last tweetup, we had a variety of responses. We called for people to write about their TOP TWO topics that they would personally like to be part of. 


DreamUMC facilitators organized the responses into 9 workgroups, with their varied descriptions (mostly quotes from the submitting tweeters).


Please vote for the TOP FIVE that you feel are most important for DreamUMC to focus on RIGHT NOW.

  1. Towards a more Wesleyan UMC Wesleyan theology of grace,    Focusing on the UM Message, not just leaders and mission,    defining Wesleyan theology,    Renewal of Wesleyan movement,    support of #jwchat
  2. Towards a more Missional UMC beyond the church walls mission ministries,    what does missional mean?,    create outward-facing church,    local church focus on reaching people for Christ
  3. Towards a more Inclusive UMC Homosexuality,    stopping condemning people,    queer inclusion,    civil disobedience,    LGBT issues,    LGBT issues hold us back from solving other problems so lets just get it done, re-emphasizing God's love with how we treat others,    breaking down dividing lines on theological conversation, managing cross-cultural and cross-connectional conversations and conflict w/love
  4. Towards a better Discipling Culture in the UMC Discipleship,    accountable covenant groups,    membership vows,    Not just whoring for numbers
  5. Towards a more Equitable Worldwide UMC worldwide nature of the church,    research into central conferences,    decentralization strategies (requires cc support),    US Central Conference,    Global BOD,    Ways to honor cultural context,    Neocolonialism and the UMC,    sustainable model for being a global church,    US Central Conference,    General Church Restructure
  6. Towards a better Polity in the UMC redefining role of bishops,    new way to conference beyond Roberts Rules
  7. Towards a Younger UMC young clergy issues,    relevant to young people
  8. Towards a more Justice-oriented UMC social justice message,    global solidarity networks with marginalized,    racial reconciliation,    sustainable responsibility of churches towards environment
  9. Towards a more Connectional UMC cross-conference church planting,    start a community and conv. 4 young leaders planting new churches/sites/significant ministries to engage new people w/ gospel,    local church vitalization,    leadership development,    Wesleyan version of the Gospel Coalition,    posting video messages about DreamUMC for use in local churches building, #dreamumc network.

Please comment below on your TOP FIVE groups that you think we need workgroups for. Vote either on Twitter (tag your vote #dreamUMC) or Facebook (honor system - don't vote twice).


Follow the conversation tonight at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) at:!/search/realtime/%23dreamumc