Announcing RACE TO THE BALLOT (Please "Like" & Share)

January 12, 2012 at 5:57am

I know, It’s been a while.


But I promise, we’ve been busy.

This month, we’re launching RACE TO THE BALLOT, our unprecedented voter registration and education campaign designed to defeat Amendment One by sharing the harms of this discriminatory measure with every voter in North Carolina.


Unlike most voter registration drives, however, I won’t be driving much at all.


But I will be runningliterally running the length of the state—to draw attention to specific amendment impacts in your local communities as part of our official campaign to defeat the amendment, The Coalition to Protect All North Carolina Families.

#1 - Yes, you read that right: I’m running 322 miles (the distance from Asheville to Wilmington) of a total 2500-miles worth of events (find one near you!) in an effort to defeat the amendment.


# 2 - Yes, I acknowledge I’m an overweight and under-tall, non-runner.


# 3- Yes, I know you’re thinking, “Jen, wouldn’t you rather stay in your warm office writing e-mails instead of running up the snowy Blue Ridge Parkway?”


No. I’m coming for your vote. Your neighbor’s vote. And your sister Sally’s neighbor’s friend’s vote. Even your cousin’s daughter’s kid’s teacher’s vote.


I guess you get the picture.

In fact, over a five-week period, from January 27, to March 2, 2012, we’ll lead designated voter registration events on major college campuses, stop in with many of the state’s enlightened business leaders, stay overnight among the state’s fair-minded faith communities, host dozens of community events, and, in the process, kick-off a campaign goal to have “One Million Conversations” with North Carolinians about the impacts of this discriminatory measure. 



We’ll also capture the entire RACE TO THE BALLOT—in real time, online at—to provide the full participatory experience that will allow you, yourself, to RACE “with the campaign.”


But this labor of [protecting] love needs your help.


Invest in the RACE today by sponsoring a mile, a day, or heck, even some socks for those snowy Blue Ridge Parkway runs. Your donation now will help push us across the state and provide a much needed push to our efforts to defeat this amendment, one conversation, one vote, and one blister at a time!




Less an organized race, more a RACE to organize the 2012 electorate, RACE TO THE BALLOT will be a never-before-seen effort in the last Southeastern state to consider this type of amendment to its constitution, highlighting North Carolina’s fight to turn the tide of discrimination in our region and beyond.



But we can’t do it without you, so please DONATE NOW, okay?





Because investing in our RACE today “gives legs” to our fight ahead.

Your Communications Director,


Jen Jones




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