Bullying Prevention Month

October 18, 2012 at 9:56am

During Bullying Prevention Month, we acknowledge that we are stronger together than we are alone, and that there are many ways we can stand together, speak out together, and help each other. Today, we are excited to launch a new page in our Family Safety Center to raise awareness about the specific actions people can take on Facebook to prevent bullying.


Bullying is unacceptable, whether it occurs on school playgrounds or online, and one of the keys to addressing the problem is creating communities of support and a culture of accountability. This empowers people to stand up for each other and treat each other with kindness and respect.


For years we have worked to create policies, programs and tools to foster, accountability and trust in our community. These tools include a “real name culture” that ties peoples’ actions to their identities; easy-to-use reporting on virtually every piece of content; and an experience for minors with visibility and sharing settings that are generally more restrictive than settings for adults.


The page being launched today builds on our commitment to keep people safe online by offering new and existing resources in one convenient location. A few new features include:


Social Resolution – New Experience and New Video – Facebook launched social resolution in March 2011 to enable people to report bullying and harassment to trusted friends and others in the community, on and off of Facebook. Since then we have been collaborating with academics and researchers in compassion and conflict resolution to improve our social resolution product.


As a result of the latest research, we’ve rolled out new experiences for 13 and 14 year olds. The data is showing exciting initial results: we are seeing a 4X increase in people finding a resolution in the flow and 81% say they had a positive experience when engaging with the self resolution tools on Facebook.


Take a look at the new video that shows how the social resolution tools work.


We Are All Daniel Cui Video– We are featuring the powerful story of how a high school used Facebook to stand behind a classmate who was being bullied. We think this is one of many great case studies that demonstrate how to handle a potential bullying situation.


PACER Center’s School Event Guide –This month we partnered with the PACER Center to create a guide for students and educators to host anti-bullying event at their schools.


Today, we are also standing with the Ad Council as it launches its bullying prevention advertising campaign on TV, in print and online.  We are deeply integrating the Ad Council content into our Stop Bullying Speak Up program, now in its second year with more than a million “likes” and more than 140,000 young people and adults who have taken the pledge to be more than a bystander.


Safety is an ongoing conversation, and all of us have a role in addressing bullying. These initiatives are key to creating a culture where people treat each other with respect. Together with educators, families, community leaders, safety advocates, academics, government and industry, we will continue using the power and reach of our platform to raise awareness of bullying and how to prevent it. 


- The Facebook Safety Team