October 17, 2011 at 8:16am


 By Greg Tate



Like The French, radical Blackfolk are genetically predisposed to support all signs of insurrection, insurgency and revolutionary suicide wherever they rear their lovely and indignant little heads anywhere in the known universe. That said, some observers of the current American progressive scene have  accurately noted OWS's paucity of participants proudly gleaming  signs of African descent and dissent. Herewith a few of our idle speculations as to wherefore art thou anti-capitalist Negroid rabble rousers riled up over any of the causes now being featured at Zurcotti Park



TEN. YOUR BASIC SOAP AND WATER THEORY We love the funk--metaphorically speaking. Ditto goes for colored folk oft-stated ardor for all things 'gully', 'gritty' 'grimy' and ' dirty south'. But you out your nat'chall Black mind if you think hordes of  Y'all People will be thronging any protest  site that gotta be  quarantined,evacuated or  sanitized before the party for rights can continue. Whether from the boojie middle rungs or the bootylicious lower depths, Blackfolk   generally refuse to accept the bummy notion that good politics and good grooming need be mutually exclusive. And that whole open air food prep and serving line thing? Not so good a look in many a woogie's book. Stricltly family backyard BBQ. action. Bottom line: Blackfolk   do demos but they don't do  dirt--especially all those white-gloved  and odoriferously-sensitive sisters  who easily  account for 80% of OWS sideline  African Friends Group.


REASONS WHY WE SHOULD ANYWAY: Nomadic African women can make a lean-to look  palatial in the outback. OWS could surely benefit from an Afrocentric  woman's touch. OWS would become known instead as 'Occupy and De-Uglify Wall Street'. Imagine the difference made by  scented candles, patchouli, potted plants and colorful  fabrics Imagine her rage for spotless and sterilized surfaces  set loose  on Liberty St.. A rage so bordering on OCD Pigpen himself would be too shook to leave behind one spec of unconsecrated crud. Yoga in the morning, African dance in the afternoon, prayer and meditation before bed, Goddess and ancestor worship all the live-long day. That OWS shiznit would get friggin' spirituali. OWS would get closer  to godliness than the Garden of Eden. No silly housecleaning ruses would  ever be thrown up again.


NINE. OUR ABSENCE AS RADICAL LOVE THEORY Our sincere desire to see  OWS stay alive has us coordinating scant sporadic barely visible visits to Zurcotti Park .Hence OWS  doesn't come off as 'A Black Thang'. Because we know  that once  deemed so Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly would feel compelled to set more   upon the movement than  decrepit desk sergeants with pepper spray. No longer would cops find the heart to wade alone  into the crowds of wan young figures with no back-up and  meaty fists a-swinging.  As Sterling Brown once observed, when they come after even one Stagolee  ''They don't come by Ones /They don't come by Twos/ They come by Tens'.Trust--thanks to our overwhelming no-show of numbers 49,000 shots haven't been fired at OWS yet.


EIGHT. THE NIGGAS ARE SCARED OR BORED OF  REVOLUTION THEORY  Say whut? Since when? When it comes to showing radical heart we damn sure got nothing to prove. Protest history shows our folk  couldn't be turned around   by deputized terrorists armed with dynamite, firebombs, C4 ,, tanks, AKs, machine guns,, fixed bayonets,billy clubs K-9 corps, truncheons or  water hoses.  Stop and frisk has prepped most brothers to anticipate a cellblock visit just for being Slewfoot While Black.  We aint never been skeered of fighting the good fight. We love a good dust-up on pay-per-view or in the street just on GP!  Out there on the street though all we  do need is  to feel like you got our backs like we got yours. Herein may lie the  rub.  People fresh to daily struggle may need to earn our trus more. Clearly we're in no hurry to make loads of  new friends spanking new to police brutality .



SEVEN. THE OWS BEST GO GET A LATE PASS' THEORY The sudden realization by OWS-ers  that American elites never signed the social contract and will sell the people out  for a fat cat's dime--hey, no newsflash over here. Blackfolk got wise to The Game back in 1865 when we realized neither 40 acres nor  mule would be forthcoming. Also, as one sharp strapping ready for whatever you got youngblood recently  put it, "I aint about to go get arrested with some muhfuhkuhs who just figured out yesterday that this shit ain't right.''


REASONS WHY WE SHOULD RECONSIDER BEFRIENDING NU PEOPLE VIRGIN TO DAILY NYPD ASSWHUPPINGS: Repeatedly finding oneself on the business end of a NYPD nightstick  and expecting the same result is either a sign of madness or a sign of virttual Blacknuss. Either way even your most hardened Pan-Afrikanist should now be open to giving the OWS-ers a hug of solidarity. Maybe if organized this form of outreach could function as the larger community's  first  olive branch. (Air kisses and arms length for some snooty African noses still I know).



SIX.  THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX  CRICKETS THEORY  The predominant age range of OWS'  paler male participants is roughly 18-29. This age group among African American cats accounts for  40% of the country's prison population--a national  crisis which predates the bail-out by several decades. This disgraceful disparity could likely continue after every OWS-er has been gainfully re-absorbed into the American workforce. Though Wall Street profits from our brother's massive enslavement by incarceration, so does Main Street. Perhaps OWS should ponder  putting prison abolition on their  unformulated  list of demands. Until then, some Black Progressives, though duly sympathetic, may not hear a roar coming from  Zurcotti but simply,  'Crickets'.    


FIVE. THE MOM AND POPS AINT HAVING IT/I NEED MY PAYCHECK THEORY Currently employed grownass Blackfolk will tell you they can't spare not one day off  the plantation for this very worthy cause. More than a few young Blackfolk now  in college have an inbred fear of being cut-off by mom and pop if caught on camera  decrying capitalism and inviting arrest when they need be hitting those books.  Such parents  may even harbor high hopes of their prodigal progeny becoming well-paid corporate shills.  Coming out Rad, Green and Anti-Goldman Sachs in some Black families can require more  heroics than coming out  Punk Rock Musician. Or even Sapphic Muslim MC. One Just imagines the fallout  that might occur in the Herman Cain household for example.


FOUR. THE GREAT RACE AND CLASS DIVIDE/SCHOOL LUNCH TABLE  THEORY It's  hard to locate many instances in American  radical or cultural history where goo-gobs of Blackfolk  leapt to join predominantly non-Black movements.  Or even school lunch tables.  Post-racial as Obama's voting bloc may have been, America remains a country more divided by race than class. Even the most progressive non-Blackfolk tend to only have that One Good Black friend in their social clusterfuck. Radical politics can make for less estranged bedfellows but OWS still has America's mucky river of  racial segregation and alienation to cross. Not to mention a certain perception, right or wrong, that OWS is White Privilege  gone wild again. More enlightened self-interest than interrogating whiteness  on the agenda



Though we used to have the dibs on kickstarting revolt these OWS kids are onto something big and quite necessary here. The groundswell looks globally awesome from here in Harlem. How many times have you, a la Malcolm X said,  'Whitefolk need to get their own people organized and out on the frontlines'. Well alrighty then! No danger of  anybody being the next Crispus Attucks here. Not unless you wanna step to the front of the line that is.


THREE. THE IT AINT CALLED SHIV GANK STOMP OR ROB WALL STREET' THEORY  This  rather romantic and lumpen proletarian conceit is worthy of the  studio gangsta Thug-Life era  Especially since as we all know real thugs don't do demos or entertain police  assault for abstract  carnivalesque goals. Death Row Tupac;'s target audience are, as we speak, in fact more likely to be joining that 40%  in G-Pop after putting in work on  'Black Wall; Street'. 


TWO. THE 'WHAT WOULD  JORDAN OR JAY-Z  DO ?' THEORY Sleeping  when not shouting in Zurcotti Park with scruffy haired fair-faced young hippies is one way to register one's sudden disquiet that  hyper-capitalism just ain't working for ya.  American Blackfolk  though have had over 400 years to  neurologically process the whole profits before people thing as The Game that Federal Reserve apparatchiks are most ready to die for here. From this hard-knock won life-wisdom evolved the kulcha's  own 1 percent-ers-rappers,ballers and George Clinton's '3 P's:'preachers pimps and politicians. {not to self:add 'Public Intellectuals'?} These freebooting outliers drive and commitment to Being On That Grind, GettingOne's Hustle On and Putting In Work also Knowledges we best gaffle three times harder (and take 100 times more risk ) than  any Wall Street schmuck.  Fervently lounging along said schmucks daily footpath expecting a fair shake  is simply beneath the hustler's code, Zip Coon dignitY, kool trickster-genius and  ride-or-die bootstraps, The racism and disenfranchisement others see as massive obstacles  these sly devils seize upon as photo pops for personal gain.  Minds like these  were plotting exit schemes and expropriations before they hit the auction block. Such types haven't been  pre-occupied with getting a hand on Wall Street since they docked slave ships down there.  


ONE. THE ISM SCHISM  THEORY Simply put, Capitalism is not the Ism whose evils tends to motivate most American Negroes  to radical action per se. Experience shows that racism  can trump even greed in Amerikkka.--especially in the  workplace. White dudes  with prison records  get hired over more qualified bloods with not even jaywalking citatains. You  don't have to be as high up the food chain as banker-scum  to benefit from White Supremacy or profit sideways from the mass povertization of  the Negro. Cornel West identified 9/11 as the event which effected  the 'Niggerization' of all Americans. OWS' lack of melanin  demonstrates that  the N Word's  first despondents have yet  to experience all this widespread mutual sharing of   sufferation and American Niggerdom. Possibly because all the non-Blackfolk  we see slumming about  our gentrified neighborhoods with dogs,strollers and condos are soooo not 'The 99%.'.


REASONS WHY WE SHOULD BE MORE DOWN ANYWAY if Zionism can equal Racism, than  why can't Capitalism equal Racism  too?