Joe Wright’s Playlist for Hanna

March 31, 2011 at 3:42pm

Hanna did not grow up like other girls.  She was raised by her father in the remote woods of Finland enduring intense training, with one intention - to make her the perfect assassin.  Since Hanna grew up in complete isolation with her only human interaction being with her father, she isn’t familiar with many things we take for granted in the world.  She doesn't even know what music is!


Now's your chance.  If you had the opportunity to introduce Hanna to our world using music, what songs would you pick?  Create a playlist of 10 songs that you think defines the world we live in today.  Think beyond lyrics... choose beats, melodies, genres that will give Hanna the best sampling of our world. 


To kick things off on the right note, Hanna director Joe Wright pulled together his list below! Check out Hanna director Joe Wright’s list for inspiration, then share your own.  We'll feature our favorite playlists on the Hanna site and our Facebook wall!


Joe Wright’s Playlist to Introduce Hanna to the World


Listen to Joe’s Picks!


1.    Rez by Underworld

2.    Over and Over by Hot Chip

3.    Horse Power by Chemical Bros'

4.    Vitamin C by CAN

5.    Kooks by David Bowie

6.    Light Green Fellow by Michael Hurley

7.    Cross Bone Style by Cat Power

8.    Matty Groves by Fairport Convention

9.    Certified Murderer by Kiprich*

10. Escape Velocity by Chemical Bros'


*Certified Murderer not available on iTunes and therefore not included in playlist.