Satisfied Customer Review

June 16, 2011 at 11:59am

 If you own a boat, this is where you maintain it.  I wish I had known about Huckins when I first got my boat because they would have saved me so much money.  They have repaired and restored many things on the boat to date and the quality of workmanship and service is outstanding.  I have had the benefit of getting a lot work done (This Old Boat) and I live on the boat so walking around the yard and learning stuff has been fun part of my stay.  You see all kinds of boats here, big ones and little ones, sailboats, trawlers, sport fishers, etc... and according to the owners, the work is way less expensive than every other yard they called.  The paint shed is amazing and the jobs that roll out of there are spectacular.  All the owners say that this yard was the best price as well as doing the best job.  Big and little boats from far away show up on a huge truck to be repaired and painted here.  The crew of people who work at Huckins take boats seriously and have integrity.  For instance: They quoted me on a new holding tank and when the task was complete, the final bill for the tank and install was two thousand dollars less.  That was nice!  Who does that?  Trawlers are new to me and I am one of those who went out and got a good sized boat.  Hey, I'm retired and the time was right and I could have easily been over my head but with the help of this yard and the Huckins owners that keep their boats here I am having fun and not going broke.  All of the boat owners are gracious and helpful and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and will work with you.  Between Paul Rogers the service manager (genial genius) and Tim Collins a dockhand (retired Coast Guard rescue swimmer and FUNNY...) and the entire crew in between.  I am easing the demands of the Trawler because of the help and as a result having a positive experience.  Huckins Yacht Corp. will be this boat's home yard.