Michael Brown "Doth Protest Too Much!" 'Missing Money' Diversion Seen as Ploy to Cover-Up Ineptitude, Mismanagement & Laziness

September 12, 2012 at 8:57am

I never was much into D.C. politics, but I do know a Rat when I smell one. D.C. Councilmember Michael A. Brown has steadfastly made very public allegations about his campaign funds being "stolen" and has strongly/wrongly suggested (without expressly naming) Hakim Sutton as the responsible party. Brown knows for a fact that no money has been stolen and has been less than forthright with the public when it comes to concerns about his campaign finance reports. Even though Brown must concede with the MPD that "no suspect" has been named nor "charges" filed, the harm has already been done. QUESTION: How could someone steal over $110k from an experienced incumbent politician over a 12 mo. period and the incumbent not know anything about where the money went or that it was even "allegedly" missing? ANSWER: No one could and No one has. Brown's theft allegations become even more absurd in light of the fact that the campaign only raised $150k during that same period of time. You mean to tell me that over 2/3 of your campaign treasury was depleted and you knew nothing about it? Incredible. When Sutton took over as Treasurer for Brown’s campaign, among the many hats he wore for Brown during the time period in question, he developed a clear, cohesive finance plan that forecast the campaign easily raising $500k - $750k. The plan included a budget for projected expenses and compensation for services rendered. Brown reviewed and approved the plan. Brown reviewed his bank statements on a regular basis just as any incumbent would whose duty it was to raise money for re-election. He further reviewed and signed off on all of his campaign finance reports before they were filed with the OCF. Brown knows the truth. Although he was a lazy campaigner, --coming to fund-raising events late and leaving early, and he was miserly on the dollar, sometimes failing or refusing to pay his employees while demanding maximum work output. In short, Brown did not like to pay people for work performed, and has been known to issue rubber checks. If charges are actually filed by the Government, the public will soon find out where the money was going and by whose authority and direction it was sent. It will also find out about the skulduggery and debauchery Brown has been known to frequently engage. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the so-called "stolen money" was converted to cash and used to line his own pockets or support his "extra-curricular" activities allegedly circulating over the listserves in Ward 5.


We will vigorously and zealously defend Hakim Sutton, his good name, and reputation in this case, --if this matter even becomes a case; and we will reveal to the public the real "Michael Brown."  –Not just his public persona, --but his entire morally depraved composition. My client will not idly standby and be the 'fall guy' to remove the "musty" scent of Brown's failures to raise enough money to compete against his formidable opponents and regularly file his campaign finance reports since Sutton's departure. It is due to his own laziness, arrogance, narcissism and greed that Brown finds himself in the position he's in today [with little money], --not some false claim of theft as he would have the public to wholesale believe. Given Brown's track record with campaign [and personal] finance issues, ranging from failure to pay employee taxes from 2008, multiple notices of personal tax liens in past years amounting to over $50k, a tax lien filed this election year [June 2012] according to the Washington Times in the amount of $20k, and his 1997 Guilty plea to a campaign finance violation, the gentleman "doth protest too much." At the rate he's going, Brown may likely find himself to be the unnamed "suspect" or an actual defendant in matters arising out of his own investigation. As it stands now, he has placed his credibility on trial in the court of public opinion by failing to answer the tough questions about the so-called ‘missing money.’ Playing politics to curry favor with voters is one thing; playing with one's liberty, reputation, and good will for personal gain and self-aggrandizement is quite another. At the end of the day, the evidence will ultimately show that Councilmember Michael A. Brown will have soon played himself.  --The Warrior Lawyer!

J. Wyndal Gordon, The Warrior Lawyer, is a trial attorney, recognized for trying high profile and unpopular cases.J. Wyndal Gordon, The Warrior Lawyer, is a trial attorney, recognized for trying high profile and unpopular cases.