RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE (Singing a Song in the Morning)

June 21, 2012 at 5:29am

We finish every Cabinet of Wonders show with a song called Religious Experience by Kevin Ayers. It only has one verse, repeated endlessly:


Singing a song in the morning

Singing it again at night

I don't even know what I'm singing about

But it makes me feel I feel alright

It makes me feel I feel alright


It's a particularly joyful way to end a show, given that everyone can sing that verse with almost no rehearsal. (The song also has the great advantage of not being one of those turgid "everyone-knows-this-song-so-let's-just-do-it-cos-we-can" songs, like Knockin' On Heaven's Door.) Appropriately, it didn't even appear on Ayer's 1969 album Joy Of A Toy, considered too psychedelic because of Syd Barrett's crazy guitar playing. 


Because of its elastic structure, the song, like The Cabinet of Wonders itself, is a handy vessel to carry almost anything you want: every single musical guest has sung a verse or two, and even some of the writers have too. We've had a capella segments, mandolin breakdowns, lengthy electric guitar work-outs, drum solos, theremin odysseys. Every time we play it, it is my goal simply to help it move in the right direction.


It's a beautiful way to end a show - and a great song. You'll hear it fading out at the end of every Cabinet broadcast.

Photo by Patrick Monaghan