Joie De Vivre Update (album/europe tour)

December 18, 2011 at 7:41am

Hello everyone,



How are you? This is going to be a weird one; mainly because it's going to seem hypocritical and very opposite of what we stated earlier this year; that we are breaking up. We had a last show- all of our best friends were there, whether playing or hanging out, we can't describe how amazing it was to have everyone in one room and together for a day and just having the time of all of our lives. It became way bigger than our band, bigger than a break up, bigger than any one of us could imagine, and it became more about celebrating why we all do what we do with each other and the people we have met and became lifelong friends with by writing. It's absolutely crazy how many friendships we have made out of doing this band and how many people we have met just because of playing and writing songs.



This band started out as a mere "side project" to our lives- we had conversations of just doing it as something to do; then it became something we actively pursued for 3 or 4 years. Then we decided that we all have a LOT of stuff going on- work, school, other bands, relationships, moving, etc. Joie will always be something extremely special in our hearts, and something that I know none of us will ever take for granted. With that being said, and to quote Chris's "break up" message- "Joie De Vivre is no more. Well, that may not be exactly accurate but we wish everyone to know that where we stand right now we have no intention of being a band and playing shows. That's not to say that someday we won't find ourselves together again, but for now we have to let it go."



"Someday" came a little sooner than expected. Last night, we played together for the first time since our last show in May. One reason, Dan from the Reptilian never saw our last show, we owed him this much. Second, Annabel/The Reptilian/Empire! were all there, and without those bands (among others) we wouldn't have lasted as long as we did. Third, we just released a split with said bands. Fourth, we don't get opportunities to play together often (as Joie, and with our friends all in one room), and we don't know when those occasions will arise. They did last night, and we did it.



We have a new record coming out, sometime in 2012 on Count Your Lucky Stars- we have been taking our time on it. Not because we are perfectionists or anything (listen to our stuff; out of tune guitars, cracking voices, and overall mediocre songwriting), we're far from it, but because we haven't felt pressured at all to do it. And I mean that in a good way, we ARE working on it, and we are seeing a glimpse of finishing it in the coming months; we just don't have a reason to push it as hard as we could. There will be an album and it will be out within 2012. Promise.



And beyond this info, we don't have any plans for a US tour or shows around at all, we are sorry, I am sure they will come though. Give it time. However, we were asked the incredible honor of touring Europe. Even though we have been asked times before to come over, we were approached by Back From Outer Space Bookings in Belgium, and after many conversations and debating, we decided to do it, giving the fact that it just felt "right" with who was asking us (Guillaume, you're absolutely wonderful, thank you for your patience).



Here is a small outline of where we will be and how this is (tentively) going down...


15.06.12 – Czeh Republic – Pragua

16.06.12 – Germany – Dresden, Leipzig

17.06.12 – Germany – Kiel

18.06.12 – Denmark – Copenhagen, Aarhus

19.06.12 – Norway – Copenhagen, Aarhus

20.06.12 – FREE DAY

21.06.12 – Germany – Hamburg

22.06.12 – Germany – Wiesbaden, Bielefeld

23.06.12 – Germany – Munich, Augsburg, Regensburg

24.06.12 – Austria/Switzerland – Dornbirn, Salzburg, Luzern, Lausanne, Zurich

25.06.12 – Italy – Turin

26.06.12 – Italy – Roma/Milan

27.06.12 – Spain – Barcelona

28.06.12 – France – Toulouse, Bordeaux

29.06.12 – France – Paris

30.06.12 – UK – Folkestone, Tunbridge wells

01.07.12 – UK – Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool

02.07.12 – UK – Manchester

03.07.12 – UK – Newcastle

04.07.12 – UK – Leeds

05.07.12 – UK – Derby

06.07.12 – UK – London

07.07.12 – UK – Southampton, Brighton

08.07.12 – Belgium/Netherlands – Antwerpen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Utrecht

09.07.12 – Germany – Aachen

10.07.12 – Germany – Berlin


It's wild looking at that list and remembering it to be a big deal playing the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. We hope that with this you guys understand that our "last" show was not an attempt to seek attention, make people travel and take time out of their lives to see a show that was the supposed last, have our name on websites, but rather a culmination of years of work and putting up with each other enough to Europe and do what we love. In closing, we're taking a step back and doing exactly with Joie what we set out to do in the beginning- do it as a side project to our lives and perform together when opportunities present themselves; when it's right, it's right. When it's not, it's not. We will plan any shows accordingly and find time to play together when we can.


That's the best we can offer at this point, and that's probably going to be the way it is for awhile; Joie will be a band when we can be, and do what we have to do otherwise in the times we aren't playing- living our lives. Again, thank you all for the wonderful ride this band has taken, and to all of the people who take the time to talk about our band, let us annoy you, still put up with us, and are just the most amazing group of people we have ever had the chance to know. Thank you, thank you, thank you- we really are blessed to be doing this, and to be able to type this message out...Europe, see you soon, can't wait to meet you.


Be good,