Facebook & social journalism

April 5, 2011 at 11:17am

Over the past year, we’ve worked with media organizations to help make their content more social and empower readers to experience news through their friends. Since we first launched these initiatives at the beginning of 2010, the average media organization has seen a greater than 300% increase in referral traffic from Facebook.


In addition to the work media organizations are doing to make their websites more social, we’ve also heard from editors and journalists who are making their newsrooms more social. Today we’re launching a new “Journalists on Facebook” Page to serve as an ongoing resource for the growing number of reporters using Facebook to find sources, interact with readers, and advance stories. The Page will provide journalists with best practices for integrating the latest Facebook products with their work and connecting with the Facebook audience of more than 500 million people.


Since its inception, people have been sharing news with friends on Facebook, so it’s no surprise that reporters, from college level to international outlets, have been active on the site for years. More recently, we’ve see some great examples for how Facebook can be used as a reporting tool, including:


In addition, we’re also starting a Facebook Journalism Meetup program.  We’ll be hosting events around the globe to have hands-on workshops on how to use Facebook as a reporting tool, and engage in an open dialogue with the journalism community.  Our first Meetup will be held on April 27th at our headquarters in Palo Alto, California.  If you’re interested in attending this or future Meetups, please register using the link on the left hand menu and we’ll invite you to future nearby events.


Thanks again for the helpful feedback you have already provided, and please continue to let us know how Facebook can best serve the journalism community.


Justin Osofsky, Director of Media Partnerships, looks forward to continuing the dialogue on social journalism.