June 2, 2012 at 7:30pm

You can view Sunim's route (Canada only now) on Google Maps here:


Wednesday June 27th - Sunim is at the home of Dragan Petrovic on the southeastern tip of Manitoulin Island, Ontario.


Tuesday June 26th - Sunim is at Widgawa Lodge on Manitoulin Island. His hosts, Cornelia and Joshua, operate an amazing Lodge with Cabins nestled into prisitne surroundings. They have invited Sunim to stay for as long as he likes! 


Monday June 25th - Sunim is on the road again. After spending two nights with Cathy and Andrij in Thessalon he is now headed for Manitoulin Island and his next host stay. He will be tenting tonight. We think it will be somewhere around Spanish, Ontario. We hope he finds a good spot and that it doesn't rain! 


Friday June 22nd - Sunim is now in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. He met the Mayor there today! His host, Andre Riopel, has been kind enough to take time off to show him around and allow him to rest up for a few days.  


Tuesday June 19th - Sunim is half way between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie in northwestern Ontario. Since Sunim has been pushing himself very hard, only taking one day off since leaving Kenora, we hope he will treat his next stop as an extended rest opportunity. 


Thursday June 14th - Sunim left Nippigon this morning and his headed for his next host stay in Marathon. Its a 200km ride in some of the most challenging and exhausting topography of the Trans Canada Highway east of the Rocky mountains. Good Luck and good Fortune Sunim!


Wednesday June 13th - Sunim has left Thunder Bay and his host, James Arthur, and is headed to Nippigon. Its a qucik 100km sprint to his next host stay there. 


Tuesday June 12th -Sunim has arrived in Thunder Bay after the approx. 250km leg from Dryden and his last kind hearted host Kate Kroeker. He's cleaning up and doing laundry(all 6 pieces!).


Monday June 11th - Sunim was in Ignace Ontario yesterday morning, which is about 120kms east of Dryden, where he left from a host's home Saturday morning. A big thank you goes out to Kate Kroeker in Dryden for her kindness and generosity in hosting Sunim for one short night. If he doesn't stop to smell the roses he should be arriving in Thunder Bay some time today. 


Friday June 8th - Sunim has arrived at his host's residence in Dryden. 

Friday June 8th - Sunim has left Kenora and is on his way to Dryden, Ontario where his next host is. A Big thank you to Sally in Kenora for opening her home to Sunim!


Thursday, June 7th - Sunim arrives in Kenora today. Then it's east on the #17 highway ( also known as the Trans Canada Highway to us Canuks up here in the Great White North) towards Thunder Bay, Ontario. I hope the black flies arent out yet....


Tuesday, June 5th - Sunim has been having a wonderrful time in Winnipeg as all the posts/pictures from his host and supporters can attest. He departs for Kenora June 6th and should be arriving on June 7th for his next host stay. 


Sunday, June 3rd - Sunim has arrived at his host home in Winnipeg.


Friday June 1st- Sunim is in Brandon Manitoba waiting out extreme bad weather, inside his tent, in a campground. He had run into a cyclone when a trucker rescued him then dropped him off in Brandon. He arrives Sunday night in Winnipeg for his next host stay. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the trucker who saved him from the dangers of being out in the open in a cyclone! From Winnipeg he heads east on the Trans Canada Highway(hwy#1) towards Toronto. Between Winnipeg and just north of Toronto (around 2,000kms) we have no confirmed host stays for Sunim as of yet.


Sunday May  27th- Sunim is in Lafleche Saskatchewan which is on hwy#13 in the southern part of the province. He's had a lot of rain so its slow going. He's starting back on the road Monday and headed for Winnipeg. His route is hwy#13 east which turns into hwy#2 and that takes him all the way to the southern end of Winnipeg. 


Friday May 25th- No word from Sunim yet. I figure he's around 1,000-1,200kms east of Calgary at the moment, which should put him around 100-300kms west of Winnipeg. He's using Hwy#13 to stay away from the dangers of the TransCanada. I've been firing off emails to every radio staion, local newspaper, chamber of commerce, visitors bureau etc. that are along his route. No replies as of yet. I'm not discouraged though. Sooner or later(hopefully sooner) people will learn of the task Sunim is undertaking and kind souls along his route will open up their homes to him for a warm bed and hot meal. He told me he plans to camp all the way to my brothers house in Toronto. I hope Sunim is doing well.


Saturday May 19th- After 4 wonderful days with Sunim in Calgary he is on the road again heading south to Lethbridge then east towards Ontario. The most amazing part of this update is that due to language barriers I thought Sunim was finishing his journey in Mexico. Not so. His goal is to reach the southern tip of South America in Pantagonia! UNBELIEVABLE!


Thursdsay May 9th- Sunim is in Lake Louise where he is in a hostel for 3 days then off to Calgary arriving Monday or Tuesday for a stay at my house there. I am going to meet him and show him around.


Sunday May 6th- Sunim is in Fairmont Hot Springs BC. I'll update when I know he is back on the road. Does anyone know of anybody in Lake Louise or Banff that might be willing to provide Sunim with a place to sleep?

May 1st, 2012


Sunim Leaves Crawford Bay, BC and is heading south on HWY#3A to Creston. From Creston east on HWY#3 to Cranbrook. From Cranbrook north on HWY#95 to Fairmont Hot Springs and his next confirmed host stay.

Sunim probably wont have any email access over this leg of his Journey so anyone kind enough to lend a helping hand can post a sign saying SUNIM PLACE TO STAY, or, SUNIM PLACE TO EAT. Along his route(along with an address if you live off the highway).