Ground Rules - Justice for Benghazi Code

November 12, 2012 at 3:41am

Mission Statement:


To bring the American People together regardless of party, ethnic descent, orientation, financial diversity together.  You see there is one orange but there are many individual slices in that orange but the are all encased in the skin.  Our slices are the diversity of the people in this country and all of our different beliefs and the skin as a people is America, land that we love.  Our mission to get the full truth on Benghazi for the Victim's families and for the American people.


We have been idle for far to long and we need to keep ALL politicians accountable for their actions as well as the media.  They have done both parties and certainly all people a disservice.


That being said here are the ground rules for this page:


  1. No political talk of social issues.  We have one mission, band together as brothers and sisters, as Americans to get the truth out to these families that deserve it more than anyone.
  2. Please make sure that you complete the "Action Items" to your fullest ability there may be times when we have to work together.  For this group to work we must all band together and do something on the same day.  If you see the post please complete the task.  I am trying to keep it as simple as possible for anyone but if you have any questions you can certainly message me with anything that you may need help with.  I am humble that you wish to help me and I will be more than delighted to answer any questions just give me a little bit to get back to you.
  3. We must keep together, respect each other, remember we all are here for the common cause of compassion, to ensure that no fellow American is left behind again to die on our watch.
  4. I welcome people of all faiths, all colors, all beliefs and orientations.  However, I must refer to point number one on this list again and say this page isn't about ANYTHING else other than helping the families that lost their loved ones get the truth.  If you can accept that I will be more than happy to lock arms with you and stand by your side!

Time for us to get together, the time is now.  We need each other to bring justice and remind everyone that WE ARE ALL.... WE THE PEOPLE!