Thank you for supporting Yoga for Japan!

May 18, 2011 at 1:39am

Many thanks and deep gratitude to everyone of you who supported our Yoga for Japan fund raising events in Redondo Beach and Culver City.


Some incredible photos from Culver City are here:


Yoga means unification and by us gathering together sending collective prayers, it created a powerful healing energy vibration.  Your prayer and love means so much for people in Japan.  As of now, we have raised $1,710.00, and we are still accepting donations through Monday May 23rd.  The Japanese people have a long way to go to fully recover; any donation amount is going to help the people in affected area to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.  


I would like to extend special thanks to Happy Me Yoga studio and RakSa ( for generously providing us their beautiful space, Tomomi Shirai, Nykki Hardin and Fabian Alsultany for their selfless service, and love to make the event running, Aykanna ( for offering their beautiful music and spirit.   Without your seva, I would not have been able to make this happen.  


Thank you for Vita Coco (, Sambazon ( for providing your delicious and nutritious drinks to satisfy our thirst.  Missy Costello (, Ann Arens(, your sweet treats were off the hook!  


Here is the list of great raffle prize sponsors who had given their products to support us. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.  


Manduka Yoga mats, Mat bags, towel   (

Yogitoes: Yoga towels (

Radiant Body Yoga : Kia Miller DVD (

Eli Davidson: Funky to Fabulous book (

DJ Fabian Alsultany : Karsh Kale show pair tickets  (

   six degree records (

Carina Tannenberg : Bed of Nails (

Deborah Dutilh: Healing session (

Akahdama: Healing Session (

Alternative Outfitters (

Bradelis NY (

Daniel Ho (

Yukiko Matsuyama (

Mayumi Calvalho Atelier Mila (

Global Arrow(

Rover Kennels (

Allisson  King (

Chantel Durelli (

Carlo James Petrini (

Jacqui Lalita (

Danielle McCullough (

Jill Nakano:  Surfing lesson

Patricia Tsai  Choco Vivo  (

Shizuka Yoshimoto BYM   (



Love and Light


Sat Nam....