The George Sighting Competition (The WINNERS!)

September 7, 2011 at 8:33am



Thank you all for the overwhelming entries for The George Sighting Competition!  There were so many great photos that it was a very difficult task for George to find the most AWESOME photos.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

The Grand Prize winner of the Super Star Destroyer is SALVATORE PARRINELLO!!!!  His photo ( won because of the simple and obviously cool idea combined with a great execution.  All of George's life when going to the hairdresser he would fear how many bricks would be left on his head when he got home. But this time it was a real pleasure.   :)  The picture is telling a story with a clever use of a few brick. Just in George's style. He loves it! …And of course his new haircut looks awesome!


Here are the winners for each category:


Awesome Art- TORI YU!!

Awesome Friends- DAVID EATON!!


Awesome Lifestyle- SALVATORE PARRINELLO (Grand Prize Winner)



We have also added a special prize! Yes, now we’re giving away 6 prizes (George is unstoppable). The Awesome Achievement Award goes to: LORENZO STEFANI!!


Throughout the competition Lorenzo been a dedicated contributor. Uploading awesome photos, commenting and supporting me all the way. Lorenzo created a George sized news paper for me! He cooked me a bowl of pasta – twice! And even after the competition ended he continued to share his creativity. Lorenzo you’re AWESOME! 


Check out this photo album for all of the AWESOME finalist photos in the five categories:





Thank you for your AWESOME entries for The George Sighting Competition!  George was overwhelmed by the response and the amount of pure awesomeness!  Your dedication and creativity were amazing throughout this contest!  So, with careful evalutation George has split the photos into five different categories:


Awesome Art- For the best artistic interpretations

Awesome Friends- For building George some awesome friends

Awesome Ideas- For the most original ideas

Awesome Lifestyle- For capturing George’s life exactly as it is: Awesome!

Awesome Places- For taking George to some of the most awesome places in the world


Now, instead of choosing 3 winners, George will be choosing FIVE- one from each category!  One Grand Prize winner will still receive the Super Star Destroyer, and four runners up with receive a super special gift direct from George!


We know how eager you are to find out the winners, but due to the tremendous response, it has taken much longer than expected for George to pick the most AWESOME photos.  We thank you for your patience, and understanding that this is taking longer than anticipated.


Thanks for being AWESOME!



To enter the competition here is what you do:

1. Build George with your own bricks

2. Place him in an awesome spot and take a picture. 

3. Upload your pictures to the and show them to all the other amazing LEGO fans. 

4. Win! George decides who wins based on the amount of awesomeness.



1st Prize- LEGO Super Star Destroyer and George’s awesome gift

2nd Prize- Another awesome gift from George

3rd Prize- And yet another awesome gift from George



1. George decides which of all the pictures that are the most awesome and George declares the winner. The competition ends on September 29, 2011 by 3pm (Central European Time)

2. George has to be in the picture 

3. Be awesome... and follow the House Rules

4. You must be over 13 years old to enter the competition- Facebook is intended for adults 13+ however you may enter a photo on behalf of a child

5. The pictures and the creations you upload must be your own

6. You may enter more than one photo

7. You may enter from anywhere in the world!

8. We reserve our right to change the rules and to disqualify cheaters


Be awesome!! And be friends with George :)