[#15] List of People banned by Save Maryam

August 21, 2012 at 4:46am

As you've been aware many people who wrote comments against Save Maryam (critics, inputs, question, evidence, opposition etc.) were banned, and their comments were deleted.


We are trying to list people banned by Save Maryam, so public could see their cruel tactics to suppress our voice. If you’ve been banned, please simply write down your name on the comment boxes. If you still remember what you wrote, please write it (at least part of it, if you don’t remember all) so we can add it here (see appendix), otherwise simply write down your name.


Banned List

  1. Iwan Yuliyanto
  2. Sanny Nurdiansyah
  3. ‎Fitrian Ardiansyah
  4. Priyo Harjiyono
  5. Irma Wildani Anzia
  6. nepnop
  7. Purwanti Sri Pudyastuti
  8. Bayu Santosa Ahmad
  9. Hakimul Ikhwan
  10. Aresto Yudo
  11. Eti Winata
  12. Ericka Abdullah
  13. Elpi Najmuzzaman
  14. ...
  15. ...

Every time a new name comes, we will update the list.


Many thanks,




Deleted Comments

1. ‎Fitrian Ardiansyah

"I'm an Indonesian scholar and a muslim. I believe that I and many of my colleagues have ample experience with regard to the situation of Indonesian and muslim in Indonesia. It's clear now that Azim and whoever behind Save Maryam have "a holier than thou" attitude, and have not understood the situation and the context of Islam and muslim in Indonesia.


First, the truth is simply the truth. If you can't defend your figure of 2 millions based on credible sources and/or evidence, you should be humble to withdraw this number and revise it. Rather than accepting your fault, you defend the number as if it comes from the Holy Quran and undermine the rigorous statistics provided by Maulana (and many others) and even calling them as a "vocal minority" and "having no desire to revive the spirit of Islam". Who are you in the first place judging a muslim Indonesian, whoever he or she is, by not having a willingness to promote the spirit of Islam? Do you know what is inside their heart? Do you know their devotion to God? I bet you don't. Only Allah SWT can have the capacity to know each person's devotion. On the other hand, you may undermine Islam by saying that this campaign - based on the figure you put - is good for da'wah. Islam was and is still spread based on truth, compassion, understanding and knowledge.


I strongly support Maulana's argument who was saying that the main challenges of muslim and Indonesian is not christianization. The biggest challenges of all for many/the majority of us are how to tackle poverty, improve the level of education, and to promote justice and fairness. And, if a muslim can show and lead these efforts, muslim will not only be respected but Islam may likely to be embraced further .


And, the solution proposed by Save Maryam by establishing a TV channel shows more about the lack of understanding of this so-called campaign. If you have gone to Indonesia and been to many areas (from urban to remote rural communities), you will realise that what many people need are simply the support to improve people's capacity in their everyday lives, to survive, and gradually become respected human being. In addition, your type of campaign by promoting a bombastic statistic will undermine our already fragile religious peace in Indonesia. Our country is not developed in one night. Many people (muslim and non-muslim alike) have contributed to this beloved country of ours and sacrificed their wealth as well as blood. Anyone deemed to be seen disturbing this will face us, the majority of Indonesian muslims and Indonesians."


2. Purwanti Sri Pudyastuti

"Dear Admin or brother Azim,


As brother Elpi said, one Muslim leaving Islam is enough reason to start da’wah. Why are you still stubborn to use exaggerated “2 million number” in your campaign? Da’wah must be implemented using the right ways, not based on a lie. One lie will trigger another lie. And Islam does not teach us to make a lie.


FYI, I am working in a university owned by Muhammadiyah, one of the biggest Islamic NGO in Indonesia. Universities, schools, hospitals, orphanages and other NGO’s under Muhammadiyah have been developed bit by bit, funded using infaq, shadaqah and waqaf from its members. Muhammadiyah is never developed based on lie, and will never. The other biggest Islamic NGO in Indonesia is Nahdhatul Ulama (NU) which also has developed boarding schools and orphanages. Both Muhammadiyah and NU activities are spreading all around Indonesia. Do you know that my country Indonesia has more than 13,000 islands? Can you imagine how organisations like Muhammadiyah and NU are developed in such big country like Indonesia? How do they fund their organisations? Why don’t you learn from Muhammadiyah and NU in Indonesia?


Truly, your SM campaign is humiliating and insulting us. You do not appreciate all hard works have been done by Indonesian ulamas. My humble suggestion, please stop insulting Indonesian Muslim by stop spreading your SM campaign. "


3. Aresto Yudo

"Please stop patronizing Indonesian muslims! especially with such arrogant claims that we are doubters who don't want to see the revival of Islam. Religion is sincerety, please ask yourselves if you are being sincere with your works and how you conduct this campaign. May Allah forgives you for your ignorance and consistency in doing bathil...astaghfirullah"


4. Elpi Najmuzzaman

‎"Dear Admin or Bother Azim.

you have not answered my simple question, why is "2million number" still defended in the campaign?

Seems you now make a contradiction between your action and statement. is it the Dakwah that is important or the number that is important for you?

why do you need to defend "2million number" which is wrong number while one Muslim leaving Islam is already enough reason to start Dakwah?

I am so confuse in comparing your statements on the this number. so please, enlighten me just by answering that simple question."


5. Iwan Yuliyanto

SaveMaryamFAQ.pdf (Old Version):


3. Is Mercy Mission working with any local partners in Indonesia?

A: Yes, Mercy Mission is working in partnership with some of Indonesia's largest Muslim organisations namely Muhammadiyyah. They have extensive local expertise with over 100 hospitals, 1000 schools and thousands of orphanages. We have partnered with them to help provide us the local expertise on the

ground and help us understand cultural sensitivities and make our work on the ground more effective."


SaveMaryamFAQ.pdf (New Version) revised on 31 July 2012


"3. Is Mercy Mission working with any local partners in Indonesia?

A: Yes, Mercy Mission is seeking to work with a number of local partners in Indonesia. Our focus is to secure a relationship with some of the major agencies on the ground, namely Muhammadiyah...."


In FACT, they never made agreement partnership with Muslim mass organization. When their lies revealed, then they modified the FAQ. See, they build lie to lie in the month of Ramadhan. naudzu billahi min dzalik.