Fiction submission guidlines.

August 24, 2011 at 1:25am

Submission Guidelines – Fiction


Word Limit:  There is NO effective word limit for a New Worlds submission. We are looking to carry about six pieces of fiction per issue, preferably somewhere in the 5,000 – 10,000 word range but, if truly exceptional longer pieces come our way, we are not averse to carrying them. The original incarnations of the magazine included formats that carried short stories, serialised novels and prose poems. We hope to do the same where the submissions we receive are good enough for inclusion.

Pay Rate:  £125.00 per 5,000 word story (2.5p per word). Works of less than 5,000 words will paid proportionally to that rate (ie: £100 for 4,000 words, £75.00 for 3,000 words, etc. Payments will be deferred until subscription monies are received. The latest date of payment will be prior to publication of subsequent issue.

Genres:  Speculative Fiction in all its guises; science fiction, psychological examinations of the human condition, urban fantasy, contemporary horror – Do some research on stories and authors that New Worlds carried in the past (Moorcock, Ballard, Aldiss, Bayley, Bug Jack Barron) and think of authors that would have fit into the New Worlds philosophy (I think Sturgeon, Bester, Joe R Lansdale, Iain Sinclair, Dan Simmons ,Paulo Bacigalupi Samuel R Delany even Alan Moore’s Marvelman/Miracleman comics because of the way they examine human reactions to unexpected events – but this is my taste, think outside your own boxes!). New Worlds however was never and hopefully will never be confined by genre so we are interested in all kinds of experimental fiction as long as it retains a New Worlds vibe so Dystopian Crime , Magic Realism and unconventional Fantasy will be considered.  Also do be imaginative with style we are primarily a web based publisher so multimedia and illustrated stories are welcome.

Languages:  English

Rights:  We require first world rights for both electronic and print formats. New Worlds will be downloadable all over the world, subscriptions will be mailed to all countries of the world, we live in an international market. We also require non-exclusive anthology rights for all stories. In return for these rights we guarantee that all issues of the magazine will be seen by anthologists considering material for year’s best genre and other anthologies. We want to promote “our” authors because, in turn, it promotes New Worlds.

Fiction Submissions Process:

We accept material in either electronic or paper form. Manuscripts in either format should be double spaced on one side of A4 paper with a standard one inch margin all around the text. Please ensure there is a header and a footer to the manuscript with your surname, title or keyword, a contact number or email address, the page number and total pages (page x of xx) and word count.

Electronic versions can be in either .rtf or .doc formats and should be sent to until such time as the New Worlds website is up and running. At that point there will be a specific submissions email address on the web site. We will email this address to all interested parties as it becomes active.

Manuscript submissions should be sent to Roger Gray, the Basement, 25 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8RX until such time as the New Worlds website is up and running. At that point there will be a specific street address for all submissions on the web site.

All manuscript submissions are assumed to be disposable unless specified otherwise. If an author wishes submissions to be returned a correctly sized and addressed envelope is required with the postage prepaid. All overseas manuscript submissions are assumed to be disposable.

Please do NOT staple, bind or clip together the pages of a manuscript submission. There is no need to enclose it in a folder – we have lots of folders already! A good quality manila business envelope clearly addressed is more than adequate to protect your manuscript from the rigours of the post and see it safely into our hands.

If you have any questions that are not covered by these submission guidelines feel free to email