First feedbacks ! !Farfalle E.P

November 6, 2010 at 8:09am

 Mylo: thanks, big smiles here


Aeroplane: Heard somestuff a while ago, couldn't wait for a release ! Headman got the good ears... 


Boris Dlugosch: Magnitude is a real gem! Lovin it!! Can't wait to drop it.


  Rove Dogs / Get a room! Prelude is a massive Disco anthem...Could become a classic !  


Severino(Horse Meat Disco/various) :GO MICKEY GOOOO THIS IS A BOMB!Love Farfalle.. Cheers !!! Big support 


 Villa: Really very good release of this goodlooking dj star from Belgium. The synths the drums the guitars are all very tight! 


Renaud / Mustang: Definitely, Farfalle is the hit of this end of 2010 !!!!


 My Cousin Roy / Beg to Differ 80s-tastic! Nice work!  


 Tubescreamer: FANTASTIC!! 


chloé : great tracks, great tempo, will play!


  Pete Herbert (Reverso 68/ Maxi Discs): Greeeeat EP! Loving the tracks, gonna be huge! 


Rune Lindbaek: Love it! Will play Magnitude


 Social Disco Club: I'm liking Farfalle a lot. Thanks!


 Cosmonauts: Absolutely love this. One of the tunes of the year..


  Luke Sutton: (Pardon My French) really great debut, will definately be playing all of these. 


THE MAGICIAN: Already supporting and playing this since a couple of weeks! I love the guy, I love his stuff! He's one of the most talented belgian! Forza Mickey!


 JDH (Fixed) :This is awesome stuff. You guys are on a roll!


 Mighty Mouse:  Really good EP, Farfalle will get played in ours sets. Nice work  


tape to tape: nice ep will play all the tracks  


DJ BWYSE: Sick Chic action guitar.  Nice live sound to these tracks


 Hannulelauri: Very Nice tarcks, goes straight to peaktime, Farfalle is th winner! super!!


 Danny C90s: oh 'mickey' your so fine, your so fine u just blew my mind.... full support! magnitude is THE BOMB... 


Jamie (The C90s): Great release, Farfalle is a massive track. 


sharam jey: good stuff as the farfalle


 Nathan Detroit: farfalle is nice groove


 bag raiders: this is great!! dig all 3!!! Strong release! Awesome drums! Loving the Farfalle joint.. 


Shir Khan / Berlin (Exploited/Radio Fritz): Great artwork. Great tracks. Farfalle is jumping. Always impressed how you find these new people Robi. 


 David Punks: Jump Up Three great tracks. Fav track is Prelude ! Good stuff! Will def play. 


Tronik Youth: magnitude for me  




 U-Tern :Farfalle has been on rotation for months. Pure class.


 Bert (Polskie Radio- 4th channel/ Last Robots): Another Belgium guy? This is good news :) really cool  release - brilliant groovy disco tunes. Cant wait to play those in the club and my radio show as well. Yeah, go mickey go :) 


VeltenMeyer: very nice 


 Marco Dos Santos: Great EP. My favourite is Prelude, super tune !   HearDis


(Robin) HUGO BOSS MUSIC: realy cool, like them all.


 Pop Rules: I've already done my share in promoting Mickey's AMAZING 'Farfalle' by posting links to his myspace on my Myspace, Blog and Facebook.. I tend to Describe it as MASSIVE Steeldrum Disco Drama it's For sure that this is one of this year's greatest tracks to date.. I wish him a Great future! 


Alex Egan (Skull Juice / Astronomer): all really well produced, but my favourite is 'prelude'. great track!


 thibaut/Felix: trianglle Great!awesome tunes  Job de Wit Farfalle sounds like a whole bunch of fun to play! Prelude is a party in itself. :-) Thanks!


 Juan Sinmiedo: none other than GREAT!!! yep.... 


Stefano Kimono/Scarlets: I can hear the relish sound in every release, but still they all have their own sound. amazing!  J


aymo :Magnitude is probably my favourite - sounds promising.   narctrax great grooves  




Lagasta: Farfalle is BIG!!!


 Too Many Sebastians: Top notch release. Been wanting to get my hands on Farfalle for a while now. Such a magical track!


 Thijss Rauwblog: Especially like Magnitude! Great! 




Giorgio Valletta: review for DJ Mag Italia  RADIO  george kyriakou - klik records - best radio


greta ep thanx for sending i ll present it on my radio show @ best 92,6 athens