Good News & Bad News - Razer Blade Shipment Status

December 20, 2011 at 6:50am

Dear fans and gamers,


For all of you that have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the Razer Blade, emailing and calling us for launch dates and shipment information, I have good news and bad news. 


First - the good news. With the overwhelming response from the press and gamers for the Razer Blade since we announced it at PAX, we were able to go back to our manufacturers and component suppliers to negotiate a cost down. We took those savings and decided to pass it on to you by bumping up the performance of the system from a 320GB HDD to a 256 SSD drive.


An upgrade from a HDD to a 256GB SSD this would generally cost anything from about US$300 to US$500 on top of the list price (if you configure a laptop at Dell or Apple). However, we're including the 256GB SSD comes as part of the standard configuration AND keeping our list price at US$2799 at absolutely no additional cost for our fans and gamers out there. 


And now, the bad news. Because we managed to upgrade the HDD to an SSD at the eleventh hour, we were only able to secure quantities of the new SSDs to arrive at our manufacturing facilities at the last minute and as a result, we will not be able to fulfil our initial launch orders of the Razer Blade before the holidays.


We expect to be able to ship our initial quantities of the Razer Blade only in mid to late January for our customers in North America. We will be doing everything humanly possible to bring this date forward if we can.


We worked really hard to have the Razer Blade ready for launch and it was a painful decision for us to delay this till after Christmas but we decided the upgrade from the HDD to the SSD drive was just something we wanted to have as gamers ourselves. 


We apologize to all those of you who have been eagerly looking forward to getting a Razer Blade for yourself for Christmas and we're truly sorry for disappointing you. 


To make up for the delay, this is what we're going to do: for all of you that have been looking forward to ordering the Razer Blade for the holidays, if you go on to the Razer Blade store page here

 and sign up at the "Notify Me" button, you will receive a notification when we ship in January 2012 AND a coupon code for a Razer Orochi Blade Edition that we will include in the order for you at no additional cost when you purchase the Razer Blade. These mobile gaming mice were custom designed for the Razer Blade with a matching matt black finish and a green LED. 

We planned on selling the Razer Orochi Blade Edition as an accessory for the Razer Blade, but we wanted to let you know how truly sorry we are for not getting everyone a Razer Blade in time for the holidays.


Finally, we simply want to apologize again for disappointing our fans and customers, but we hope that when your Razer Blade does arrive (with that spanking new 256GB SSD), it will make up for this delay in shipping. 


Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 



CEO Razer