4/14 - UFC Sweden Fight Night Quotes (updated throughout the show)

April 14, 2012 at 11:49am



“It is amazing to win in front of my home country. It’s my first decision, which is new for me, but I’m still learning and progressing and this was an important experience.  But this is a dream come true”




“I didn’t have the performance I would have liked but I gave it my best.”



BRIAN STANN (wins by TKO, 2:26 round 1):


“This fight was different, there were a lot of things new in my camp, I had to surround myself at home and take care of my wife and with the loss in family it was a real tough time, I thought about calling the fight. But I’m glad to overcome that adversity and come out here and perform well. I feel good and he is tough as hell, everyone new this fight was always going to end abruptly either way, the luck just fell in my favors next time it may fall in Alessios.”



“I’m sorry for the loss and feel like I’ve let all the fans down.”



SIYAR BAHADURZADA (wins by KO, 0:42 round 1):


I almost didn’t get to enjoy my fight, I wanted it to last a little longer so that I could enjoy the UFC. I feel great, this is a perfect start for me in the UFC, Paulo Thiago in my mind is a top ten fighter and to knock him out so quickly was great start.




I’m disappointed but will be back.




DENNIS SIVER (wins by unanimous decision, 3-0):


Of course I’m happy because I won, but I wanted to finish the fight several time before but nonetheless I am happy with the result.




I think it is an unfair decision, take a look at Dennis’s face. The first round was definitely back and forth but I feel like I did more damage to Dennis.



JOHN MAGUIRE (wins by submission - armbar, 4:40 round 2):


DeMarques is a real tough fighter in the UFC, glad to get the win. The game plan wasn’t to stand and trade it was to  get in, take him down and sub him.  Happy with the win with the crowd behind me as well.




He was good, he got one step ahead and I just couldn’t make it up. I knew that arm bar was a threat but I thought I could counter before it got dangerous but it happened so fast.



BRAD PICKETT (wins by submission - rear naked choke, 4:05 round 2):

Amazing! Just to get back in the winning column, I’m in this sport to win, being in exciting fights and losing is not me. This is a winning business and Page brought the action, this was always going to make it an exciting fight. 




I made a couple of mistakes and came out a little emotional in the second round and he caught me with a left hook which put me on the back seat, took me down and took my back. It was a good fight and he is a great fighter I’m just a little disappointed in myself.



JAMES HEAD (wins by submission - rear naked choke, 4:33 round 1):


It feels unbelievable to win! I waited a long time for this after the injury and losing in Vancouver but this win is everything I hoped for and more.




I’m really disappointed in the fight today, but it’s MMA not everyone can win but honestly I’m disappointed.



CYRILLE DIABATE (wins by majority decision):


“I’m not so happy with my performance. I made a couple of big mistakes that could have made my fight easier. It was a tough fight and tough opponent, the last minute change in opponent frustrated me, going from a world-class kick boxer to a strong wrestler I didn’t feel I had the time to adjust the game plan – my next performance will be much better”




“It didn’t go my way, I took the fight on short notice and it definitely showed but it was a great fight and a great opponent and I am very proud to be here.”



FRANCIS CARMONT (wins by submission - rear naked choke, 1:42 round 2):


“I’m happy with the win but disappointed with the first round, I knew my wrestling was strong but I let my self down in the beginning. “




“I did good in the first round and just lost it in the second, I will get back and get better.”




REZA MADADI (wins by submission - guilloutine choke, 1:28 Round 2):


Wow what an amazing night, all the worlds athletes dream about having a night like this and it maybe comes once in your lifetime and tonight was my time.




He is very happy as a person right now that he represented the Cuban nation and for his first fight in the UFC it’s a hard loss but he will come back stronger and better.




“I feel amazing! This was the biggest win of my career. I want to thank my camp, American Top Team. I’ve never been in such good condition in my life and I just can’t wait to get back in to the Octagon again. I put so much hard work into this fight, I know I deserved it.” 




“I should have pushed him more and stayed off my back more, I just didn’t push it soon enough. I just have to push faster and harder next time.”





“Fantastic  I am the first Norwegian that has ever one a UFC fight, so this is history for me and all of Norway. It was fantastic to hear the crowd give me more and more motivation to win.”




“I lost what can I say, I got caught!”