MotorStorm RC ‘Festival’ campaign is improved (and easier) in Update 1.02

June 13, 2012 at 11:58am

One of the major improvements in Update 1.02 to MotorStorm RC is that the 'Festival' campaign is improved (and easier)!


24 Festival events have been re-tuned to ensure that the game doesn't get too tricky too quickly.

Lots of you told us that it did and the stats we see from the game backed this up, so 24 Hot Laps, Pursuits and Drift events have had their target times adjusted and Races have more appropriate levels of competition (as determined by how many medals are required to take on the event in the first place).


The specific events are listed below, and the really good news is that if your existing times beat any of the new times already you'll be awarded them automatically when you update your game! So there's every chance that you'll make progress towards 100% completion and Trophies just by updating, so it's definitely worth taking a look!


It also means that there's room for improvement on your personal best Race times - so install the update and get back into the Festival to find out!


So, which events have been fine-tuned?


8 Races (re-tuned competitors):

"Vertical Limit" (Monument Valley Festival: Sun God Mesa, Buggy)

"Scrapped" (Monument Valley Festival: Scrap Heap, Buggy)

"Burned" (Pacific Rift Festival: Charred Rock Cafe, Big Rig)

"Easy Glider" (Arctic Edge Festival: Wind Chill, Racing Truck)

"Thawed Out" (Arctic Edge Festival: Ice Breaker, Big Rig)

"Dock and Roll" (Apocalypse Festival: Cargo Hold, Buggy)

"Play & Display" (Apocalypse Festival: Park N Ride, Rally Car)

"Bad Altitude" (Apocalypse Festival: High Roller, Big Rig)


4 Drift events (re-tuned target times):

"Overflow" (Monument Valley Festival: Sun God Mesa, Muscle Car)

"Rockslide" (Pacific Rift Festival: Pacific Drift, Muscle Car)

"Snow Drift" (Arctic Edge Festival: Wind Chill, Muscle Car)

"Sky High" (Apocalypse Festival: High Roller, Muscle Car)


4 Pursuits (re-tuned target times):

"Wave Breaker" (Pacific Rift Festival: Ripslide, Buggy)

"Cold Pursuit" (Arctic Edge Festival: Eagle Peak, Rally Car)

"Multi-storey Mayhem" (Apocalypse Festival: Park N Ride, Supermini)

"In the Ship" (Apocalypse Festival: Cargo Hold, Racing Truck)


8 Hot Laps (re-tuned target times):

"Mud Plugged" (Monument Valley Festival: Scrap Heap, Monster Truck)

"Out of the Frying Pan" (Pacific Rift Festival: Charred Rock Cafe, Rally Car)

"In-A-State" (Apocalypse Festival: Road Block, Racing Truck)

"No Barriers" (Apocalypse Festival: Park N Ride, Buggy)

"Drenched" (Pacific Rift Festival: Pacific Drift, Buggy)

"Rink About it" (Arctic Edge Festival: Wind Chill, Rally Car)

"Ready to Ship" (Apocalypse Festival: Cargo Hold, Ready to Ship)

"Nervous Wreck" (Pacific Rift Festival: Wrecked, Rally Car)