Press release from the Maine Democratic Party: LePage Friends and Family Plan

December 23, 2010 at 10:41am

LePage Friends and Family Plan

Promise to hire 'best and brightest' only applies to family and friends


AUGUSTA- Yesterday, members of Governor-elect Paul LePage's staff confirmed that LePage had hired his daughter, Lauren LePage, to a high-paid position within the upper levels of his administration.


Ms. LePage, 22, is a recent college graduate with a few months of political experience on her father's campaign and will be earning approximately $41,000 per year. This figure is well above the current average for entry level jobs. According to the current administration, the average entry level salary is $30,000.


"While I'm sure Ms. LePage is a bright young woman, this brazen display of political nepotism is disturbing," said Mary Erin Casale, executive director of the Maine Democratic Party. "Gov.-elect LePage made a promise to hire the 'best and the brightest', but it would seem that only his friends and family need apply. Who else was considered for this position? How was it advertised? Why is an entry level position being paid $41,000 per year? These are questions that Mainers deserve answered."


LePage campaigned on fiscal responsibility and complained about a 'bloated' government, yet just last week stated it was difficult to attract qualified candidates for commissioner positions due to low salaries. LePage also chose two close friends for commissioner positions - John Morris for Commissioner of Public Safety and Bill Beardsley to head the Department of Conservation.


"LePage hasn't even been sworn in and he's already going back on his campaign promises of attracting the best and the brightest. His staff and cabinets choices are his decision, but this 'friends and family plan' just displays the worst kind of business as usual," said Casale.