ABU Radio Song Festival 2012: Sammy Ray Jones (Australia)

August 24, 2012 at 3:38pm

Time to introduce you another ABU Radio Song Festival entrant and sticking with Australia we invite you to welcome Sammy Ray Jones. He will be performing his hit song "Rinet" at the Festival. You can listen to it as well as find additional details on him and other entrant here at ESCKAZ.com



- Dear Sammy, first of all our congratulations for being selected finalist of the ABU Radio Song Festival 2012. Can you tell us how did it happen, how the proposal to enter this contest has been made for you and what was your first initial reaction?

- It’s just a bizarre and amazing experience that came about by playing an ABC music festival in the islands I guess I was just shocked to hear that I had been chosen.


- On ABU website you’re listed as representative of Australia/Vanuatu – please explain this double representation?

- I guess I spend a lot of time between the two nations and feel very close to both of them.


- What aim do you put in front of you entering the festival?

- To share in the diversity of all the differing acts and to learn as much as I possibly can from others while promoting the beauty of Australia and the Pacific.


- Have you heard anything about the idea of this competition before, and what do you think about it in general, as the contest for unsigned artists from all across Asia and Pacific?

- No I never heard of anything like this before it’s just a mind blowing experience and I’m very thankful for the opportunity


- How can you describe your song “Rinet” in one phrase?

- Cool and Relaxing


- Can you tell us the story of its creation and how was it chosen for the competition?

- I would need twenty three hours to describe it to you basically it’s about a girl


- Have you already thought what will be your stage performance, any special effects to impress jury members and viewers in the hall?

- I was thinking a kind of lady gaga type costume with Hurricane lights then fireworks in the middle of the stage


- Have you already heard any other participating songs in the festival?

- Yeah there all good and sing in their own languages very cool


- Have you been following European Eurovision Song Contest in past, as Australia is usually broadcasting the show?

- Yeah it’s very interesting to watch Europeans can be very entertaining


- Do you think that ABU Festivals can become later as popular events in Asia as Eurovision is in Europe?

- Sure why not


- Let's speak briefly on your career. What you consider as the main highlight in it?

- Playing La Bamba with Blues Legend Steve Appirana that guy is amazing


- What is your preferable style of music? What are the singers, having the biggest influence on you?

- I love Rock, Reggae ,Folk and Pop. My biggest influences are Elvis, Bob Dylan,Bob Marley, Steve Appirana, Yesuah and Nik Philips


- Have you taken part in any other music contests, do you like to compete in general?

- Yeah I lost every one but competing can be fun


- What are your future plans in music? An album?

Yeah when I can afford to record an album I will, I guess I will just see where music takes me


- What would be your advice to unsigned performers who want to be heard?

- Just keep at it if it’s your calling in life I think it will find you. Being a hard working musican helps to


- Finally, if you wish to leave any message to the visitors of our site you can do it now.

- Thank you very much for your support love you and God Bless


- Thank you for the interview and good luck with your preparations!


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