See You Monday Night

October 9, 2011 at 6:40pm

Dear Friends of Fall..


On my way back from Africa , where I've spent the past week teaching  my

soon to be graduating 12th graders , everything I wish someone had told me

before I graduated.


I bow to teachers everywhere who care about their students, prepare the

curriculum and do their own homework to make sure they are prepared.

It's a lot of work.


I received this email from one of my students today which makes it all worth it:


Mom Oprah I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful, exciting

and mind blowing workshop on life and it's ways. I thank you for taking time

out of your busy schedule to come to South Africa, far away from your home.

I have learned so many life lessons that I surely will be taking along with

me through the many years to come. The one lesson that I definitely learned

was that "It is okay to make mistakes". The reason it struck me so much is

because I have had a shadow belief where I believed and told myself that I

need to satisfy others and show them that I am good. What I did not realise

along the way, is that I then stepped away from certain opportunities

because I was too scared to take risks and to make mistakes and disappoint

others. But after Life 101 I now know that IT IS OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES.

Another lesson that I learned is that other people will have their opinions

about me and I will need to learn to give meaning to it or not."


Thanks M.

Wow, that warmed my heart.


That one email made the whole exhausting week to the bottom of Africa so

worth the trip and  rewarding. I'm not a good sleeper under normal

circumstances. So my body does not adjust to time change well. So it's been

a sleepless week.  I had meeting after meeting..then taught class in the late afternoon, so

girls wouldn't miss their regularly classes.


Mistakes mean move in another direction. And other peoples opinions don't

define you. Finding the courage to create the life you say you believe in,

building from strength to strength , not giving away your power, especially

not doing stupid things in the name of pleasing other people. That was my

focus for 12 graders.


I'm returning to U.S excited to be starting  Lifeclass 8/7central this week on OWN. Followed

LIVE on the Web. I hope to see you on Facebook, if you have

it the Ipad app.


For Lifeclass we're moving on to even  bigger lessons that speak to the

power of the heart.


How not to be controlled by your ego. Letting Go of the past. Allowing the

Truth of your life to set you free, Using your strength as a weapon against

defeat.  And Joy Rising moments that will remind you to feel and create your own.


All things I've learned and continue to grow and expand my understanding of

how life works.


I want your world to open up, and you  be enhanced, and  stimulated by new

ways of thinking about yourself.


Doing this on TV and the Web is a bold move.  I know it. But what would life

be without taking a risk!


See you Monday nite